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Winter is officially here, but it presents more hazards for drivers, more headaches for fleet managers, and even more reasons why you should have a Fleet Tracker installed. Top off fluids for your veh...

  Dec 28, 2016     Yeniffer Padrino 0

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Why Use a GPS Tracker?

What is GPS tracker for? A GPS Tracking Device is a device whose main feature is to track any asset, from vehicles to mobile workforce, through cloud-computing that connects the tracker and its inform...

  Dec 13, 2016     Yeniffer Padrino 0

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Fleet Complete accepts the Softech Business Award for 2016

We are proud to announce that Fleet Complete was a recipient of the Softech Business Award for 2016 as the Most Innovative IoT Solutions Provider & the Best IoT Fleet Management Platform.  The Softech...

  Dec 08, 2016     Yeniffer Padrino 0

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Saving Fuel with GPS Tracking

Did you know? Companies that implement a GPS tracking system have seen their fleet fuel cost reduced by up to 30%. One of the most immediate, profitable, and easy-to-measure benefits of implementing a...

  Dec 02, 2016     Yeniffer Padrino 0

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