IoT is “the next big thing”

What is an IoT solution?

IoT, or Internet of Things, is currently in the adoption stage by businesses worldwide, and we are already familiar with the concept. It is what makes our phones ‘smartphones’ and our cars ‘smart cars’.

IoT represents the evolution of communication between various connected devices, combining technologies and sophisticated analytics that remove complexities and solve business challenges.

It works by harvesting and analyzing massive volumes of data to provide practical applications for operational efficiencies.

The Fleet Complete platform is an innovative suite of IoT solutions for the automotive industry that pieces together cloud-computing, sensor-to-machine communications, real-time data analysis and reporting. It combines embedded hardware and software, specialized apps and wireless connectivity to provide your fleet with enhanced GPS tracking, multiple channels of communication, intelligent route planning, maintenance alerts, crash notifications, and performance reports, to name a few.

Since the internet is key to putting all the elements together, Fleet Complete sought out exclusive partnerships globally with large internet providers, like TELUS in Canada, AT&T in the United States, Telstra in Australia and T-Mobile in Austria, to ensure optimal operation of wireless systems for our customers.

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How does this translate?

Say you have acquired the Hours of Service (HoS) solution for your fleet to comply with the new ELD regulation in the U.S. and monitor the appropriate amount of hours driven during a shift. This removes the complexities of paper logging for your drivers and increases accuracy for road inspections. Thanks to IoT, the HoS solution will service much more than just simple automation of logging.

When the in-vehicle tracking device is collecting engine data, it instantly transfers the information to a mobile app that calculates and displays the available drive time, driving cycle and deferral using the selected Hours of Service rules. It also sends notifications on date and time of the last restart of the driving cycle, any HoS violations, DVIR defects and log edit requests for designated managers.

This allows drivers to operate with confidence, knowing that the software will keep them ELD-compliant at all times; it will not control or interfere with their driving; it will provide higher connectivity and data sharing with their managers; they will be instantly alerted to any mechanical issues that need attention; the roadside inspection mode will only display information required, while keeping all personal data private. Best of all, they will spend less time filling out manual forms and more time driving.

As for the business owners, this will allow to better manage financial risks by minimizing the chances of hefty fines and other penalties. An average FMCSA fine in 2015 was $7,813, and considering that almost 1 in every 2 drivers is stopped for a roadside inspection, the toll for an entire fleet can get into hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

What does this mean for your business?

  • IoT solutions remove complexities that cost your employees a lot of time, and your business a lot of money.
  • Your vehicle tells you everything you need to know: from how it is being operated, to when it is time for maintenance, to what the driving behavior is like, and where it is at this exact moment in time.
  • IoT provides data-sharing infrastructures that bring economies of scale. You gain operational efficiency, need fewer resources for higher workload, and get more capacity to grow your business.
  • It stores driving history for months, in case you need to pull information retroactively for insurance purposes or client inquiries.
  • It improves the reliability and resiliency of your business operations that translate into better customer service and a more competitive edge in the niche.

Fleet Complete’s expertise in IoT has allowed it to leverage innovation in the tech industry, helping fleet-based businesses connect with their vehicles, their assets and their mobile workers. The Fleet Complete platform offers its customers capabilities that not only make their fleet safer, greener and more efficient, but which also guide better business decisions to help client companies grow.

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Date published.   Nov 28, 2016  |  Author: Galina Korshunova