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Empowering Women in STEM at Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete Celebrates International Women’s Day 

On International Women’s Day, it’s essential to reflect on the invaluable contributions of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). At Fleet Complete, we celebrate the resilience, intelligence, and determination of women who inspire future generations to pursue their passions fearlessly. By championing diversity and inclusion in these fields, we not only honor the achievements of women but also recognize the critical importance of diverse perspectives in solving complex global challenges.

Did you know…

  • Only 47.7% less than half of working-age women are participating in the global workforce
  • Women make up only 28% of employees in STEM in the U.S.
  • Men in STEM professions have an average of nearly $15,000 higher annual salaries
  • Only 5% of leadership positions in the tech sector are held by women

At Fleet Complete, our goal is to promote diversity and inclusion in STEM by actively supporting women’s advancement and opportunities within the industry. Through mentorship programs and initiatives aimed at closing the gender gap, we are committed to driving meaningful change and creating a more equitable future for women in STEM.

Meet Some of the Talented Women in STEM at Fleet Complete

Kelly Simpson

Role: Senior Manager, Fulfillment & Dispatch

When Kelly entered the tech industry with a non-traditional background, she didn’t consider a leadership role in her near future. Kelly says, “I never would have thought when I started at Fleet Complete, that I would one day be a senior manager. I don’t have a background in tech, so I started in an entry level role and have worked my way up over the last 9 years”. Her best advice to other women, regardless of their background, “Don’t be afraid to try. You can do anything you put your mind to.”

Clara Severino

Role: Senior Director Product Management

To Clara, the most powerful women are those who are “unapologetically authentic, lead with kindness and empathy, all while challenging any misguided societal norms that seek to limit their potential.” She reflects, “A few years ago, the ‘Lean In’ movement was all the rage which exerted immense pressure on women to excel in all areas of life, often all at the same time and without help. In a world where gender disparity persists, real strength also lies with the women who are not afraid to ask for help, to acknowledge they can’t ‘do it all’ — at least not alone or not all at the same time.”

Carmel O’Meara-Morrison

Role: Vice President Human Resources

With 20-plus years of experience, Carmel has seen it all. For her, International Women’s Day is a recognition of how far women have come — all the way from when they weren’t allowed to vote to where we are now. She recognizes that some other countries still have a long way to go regarding women’s rights, and she hopes that will change soon. What has helped her get a seat at the table? “Be tenacious and resilient.”

Angela Fitzpatrick

Role:Senior Director of Sales

“I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for the women before me,” says Angela. She knows that if she wants to go for something or create a career path — it is a seamless process for her because the women before her were able to clear the way. A powerful woman for her is someone who supports other women. Her best advice? “If you are the only woman sitting at the table, instead of feeling alone in that, you should feel empowered.”

Leeann Russell

Role: Global Vice President, ePMO/Corporate IT

Leeann says she didn’t have a traditional path of stepping up the corporate ladder. She spoke about how common it was for women to be in the roles of secretaries. “Women were there to deliver coffee, and ensure that the boardroom was set up properly,” she recalled. It was not common for women to be in leadership positions however she pushed through and made it to where she is today. Her advice to women facing imposter syndrome? Throw all that out the window and be your best self.

Cynthia Schyff

Role: Chief Financial Officer

Cynthia says often time, she has looked around the room in meetings and seen that she is the only woman on the table. However, she is thankful for all the men around her who did not discriminate or act differently towards her based on her gender. Her advice to other women in STEM: “Have the confidence, look for mentors and individuals who can teach and support you. You can do whatever you set your mind to!”

Ana Caceres

Role: Product Manager

For Ana, International Women’s Day is a great way to celebrate women. And while some say that every day should be women’s day, she is glad there is a specific day where she can be proud of who she is. “I am powerful, I am resilient, I am smart, I am capable. I am enough,” she says. Her advice to other women is to not be afraid of being themselves, of learning new skills and to knock on as many doors as possible because one of them is bound to open up for you. 

Sharon Smith

Role: Customer Experience Channel Manager

For Sharon, success is doing the best job she can, being authentic in the way she shows up, and being able to inspire others around her. As a black woman, she would like to see barriers further torn down and equality all around. She wants to remove labels and wants others to not be afraid to use their voice. “We have come a long way, this is our time and we are not going anywhere. We are the future,” she says.

Continuing to Celebrate Women in STEM

Fleet Complete is not only recognizing the achievements of women but also actively working towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce. On this International Women’s Day, let’s continue to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM and work to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

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