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Ask our ELD expert, Marc Moncion, any questions you may have around fleet safety, compliance, DOT audits, roadside inspections, CSA scores, or best practices.

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Hazardous Materials: How do they affect off duty breaks and duty statuses?

When taking a break while hauling hazmats, make sure you're doing it right! Understanding how to rightly claim the right duty status is already crucial if DOT ever inspects you. It is equally importan...

  Aug 07, 2019     Marc Moncion 0

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Logging Hours on an ELD and Non-ELD Deployed Vehicle

A reader of Marc's Safety Corner and customer of BigRoad recently asked an interesting question. How are Hours of Service (HOS) recorded when you have two vehicles – one that is ELD-enabled, while the...

  Jul 30, 2019     Marc Moncion 0

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New Rules for Pickup Trucks and Trailers in Ontario!

What Regulations are Impacted by these Changes? Regulation 611 (Safety Inspections) Ontario Regulation 424/97 (Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Information) Ontario Regulation 199/07 (Commercial Motor Ve...

  Jul 17, 2019     Marc Moncion 0

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Expert Tip: Dashboard Installations In Your Vehicle

Brayn Gomez, Fleet Complete’s Professional Installer and Technical Specialist, gives you his top Do's and Don't's when performing DIY installations in your vehicle.   In this episode, Brayn will show ...

  Jul 17, 2019     Galina Korshunova 0

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Using FMCSA's Safety Measurement System (SMS) to protect your CSA scores

Challenging U.S. Violations Using DataQs With full enforcement of ELD well underway in the U.S. I have been getting more questions about how a motor carrier can protect their Compliance, Safety, Accou...

  Jul 10, 2019     Marc Moncion 0

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Episode 2 of Marc's Safety Corner Ride-A-Long: What to expect at an inspection station during Roadch

At the beginning of June this year, Department of Transportation (DOT) in the U.S. and Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in Canada held a national Roadcheck event. I ventured out bright and early to vi...

  Jun 28, 2019     Marc Moncion 0

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Webinar Recap: Canadian ELD Mandate

Everything you need to know about the impact of the new regulation on Canadian truck and bus fleets.  Need and ELD solution? Looking for fleet management solutions? Not sure about what you need?  Flee...

  Jun 28, 2019     Marc Moncion 0

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My driver was cited for exceeding 14-hour rule, but looking through his logs he hasn't. Can we dispu

Dear Marc, My driver was cited for driving beyond 14-hour duty period, but looking at his logs, he has done nothing wrong. Can we dispute the violation? (the name of the truck driver and the carrier h...

  Jun 13, 2019     Marc Moncion 0

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Marc Moncion

Lead Expert at Fleet Complete

Marc is the Vice President of Safety, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs at Fleet Complete. He is an author and industry subject matter expert who has worked in numerous senior transportation management roles for over 25 years, including being an Inspector for the MTO. Marc sits on several Federal/State/Provincial regulatory bodies and frequently provides commentary on emerging technology, best practices, and regulatory affairs. In addition, Marc is a Commercial Driver's Licence (CDL) holder and can drive all types of commercial vehicles in North America.

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