What Is An IoT Solution & How Can It Help My Fleet?

Easy data analytics help bring the costs down, earn more money and boost growth for your business.

IoT, or Internet of Things, is a prominent fleet tracking feature that drives successful and efficient business operations, particularly in the automotive industry. It enables harvesting crucial data from your vehicles and connected devices, storing it on cloud for easy retrieval and applying sophisticated analytics for optimal insight into your business practices.

You receive a variety of customized customised reports that can illuminate areas of opportunity or improvement for better management of your operations and in-field staff. By giving your data the attention it deserves, you can make business-savvy decisions, be flexible to changing priorities, get ahead of the competition and realize realise significant savings.

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The biggest advantage of an IoT platform is the fact that all of the data gathering and the complicated analytics are done digitally and automatically for you, providing a comprehensive brief on all aspects of your business running, which you can make as detailed or generic as you need.

This actionable intelligence will provide the right answers to the issues you might be experiencing or help develop new enhanced models of operation that will either increase your work capacity with the same number of resources, or cater better customer service to your client base.

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Imagine a situation, where with one look at your screen, you can see a live map of all your mobile operatives in the field, the stationary assets in use, and the delivery status of goods. You are then able to adjust routes as new orders come in and dispatch the closest driver to the job; you can monitor events as they happen and easily interact with your mobile staff via the IoT platform without any need to call in.

You get alerted to any unauthorized unauthorised activity or on-road calamities, so you can quickly react to the situation at hand with all the necessary information in the cloud system. This way, you safeguard your assets from theft, create a safer environment for your employees and can immediately notify your customers of any unexpected changes.

You can also get down to the substance of your fleet operations with insightful reports that interpret all the collected data for you, from vehicle performance, to working hours, to sensor readings and recorded events. You can generate these reports as often as you like and make them as granular as you need. Analyse your fleet’s fuel consumption, mileage, driver behaviour and time efficiency to optimize optimise your business routines and generate savings. On top of that, thanks to automation, you can simplify administrative processes for your staff and remove the excess and the outdated.

IoT platforms help remove complexities from the day-to-day work activities and improve your business’s reliability and resiliency. You can establish enhanced digital infrastructures for optimal efficiency of your fleet running, thus strengthening your business continuity and gaining financial benefits.

As more and more companies implement IoT platforms, it deems to become the standard for any business model in the near future. With early implementation, however, you can get ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage in your niche, providing better and faster services to your client base and increasing your business capacity with the same amount of resources.

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