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Assigning mobile applications to your drivers just got easier!

As a Fleet Manager/Administrator, we know you have an endless to-do list to tackle each day. That is why we are excited to introduce you to a new feature to make managing your drivers and field team a little easier.

Fleet Complete’s new Mobile Application Assignment feature will simplify the process of assigning and tracking individual lists of mobile applications that your employees use, such as fleet tracking, equipment tracking or mobile worker apps.

We have centralized this information within employee profiles, so the next time you need to assign a mobile application to a new driver, it will be as easy as 1, 2. This will eliminate the need for Administrators to contact Fleet Complete each time a mobile app needs to be assigned to an employee, making the process significantly faster.

mobile staff app work orders tasks tracking

To assign a mobile application to a specific fleet driver, a Fleet Administrator must assign a valid email address to the employee profile. Your company’s list of employees is located under the ‘Fleet’ menu item, found in the top-left corner of your dashboard (FleetResource).

To edit the list of mobile applications an employee is allowed to access:

1. Enter the ‘Resources’ window and double click anywhere on the driver’s profile summary (this works in both grid view and card views).

2. From there, the Administrator or Manager needs to add an e-mail address and save it. They will then need to click on the three ellipses (three dots) and select the mobile apps they would like the driver to use. The list of available mobile applications is located in a window, which you can now access through the ellipses located on the right side of the e-mail address field.

Do you have more questions about this new feature, or want more information regarding fleet management software? Contact us today or request a demo now.

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