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TORONTO, February 16, 2016 — Fleet Complete is proud to announce the release of AT&T Fleet Complete with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk mobile resource management solution. This integrated solution provides efficient dispatch communication to help improve fleet productivity and dispatching operations, and will benefit many industries including service industry, towing dispatch and emergency response team.

figure class=”block-content–image block-content–image-full”> Screenshot of push to talk software for smartphone and laptop, by Fleet Complete, integrated with fleet management software. Workers are also posing in the background.

Key benefits of AT&T Fleet Complete with Enhanced Push-to-Talk include:

  • One Portal for all Dispatch and Enhanced Push-to-Talk needs – dispatchers now have the ability to see their assets and employees in real-time on a map – ping, locate, communicate, evaluate.

  • Real-time visibility into assets, fleet, and employees – companies get visibility into the activity of their employees and assets in the field in real-time allowing dispatchers and fleet managers to make efficient decisions on the spot.

  • Seamless connection between Push-to-Talk users and assets in the field – full functionality between AT&T Fleet Complete GPS tracking solutions and Enhanced Push-to-Talk users.

  • Instant communication right from the Fleet Complete Portal – ease of use for companies to not only see real-time fleet activity but communicate with field staff effortlessly.

With this powerful dispatch tool, AT&T Fleet Complete takes fleet managers and business owners one step forward in mobile productivity. Click here for more details.

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