6 Ways Telematics Can Benefit Trades & Services Companies

Whether a client needs help on the building site or they want someone to fix their internet connection, trade businesses owe it to their clientele to be efficient and punctual. Fail to meet their needs and you could not only lose a customer—your reputation could be left in tatters. 

Tool box for a tradesman.

As a manager, you need to ensure your team is reliable and efficient. This is where telematics comes in. Fleet management software can help you manage schedules and improve fleet safety and efficiency—all while maximizing revenue. Read on to find out exactly how telematics can benefit trades and services companies.  

1. Put the Customer First

Word-of-mouth referrals are vital in the trade industry, with many contractors relying on recommendations when choosing who to hire. In short, good performance earns you respect and a reputation that appeals to prospective customers.

On the flip side, providing poor service—such as being late or not communicating effectively—can massively impact your customers’ willingness to do business with you again. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that customers now have greater comparative insight thanks to social media and trades review sites. A bad review online for all to see could damage your income potential for years to come. 

Gaining better visibility of your fleet’s activity and whereabouts is paramount. As a supplier, it’s your duty to solve your customer’s problems in a timely manner. Utilizing telematics to streamline schedules and track each vehicle’s progress can prove a massive help in this mammoth task. 

Fleet management software enables you to react faster to new jobs, schedule changes, and answer client queries in real-time. This boosts transparency and fosters feelings of trust between you and the customer.

2. Stay Ahead of the Curve 

Fleet management software brings immediate gains, like real-time route updates and minimal paperwork, to long-term benefits, such as tailored training for drivers, stolen vehicle recovery, and easier-to-manage vehicle maintenance schedules.

There are also reputational benefits. Showing both your drivers and your customers that you’re embracing the best technology demonstrates you’re a forward-looking business with a proactive approach.

Proper roll-out is vital to getting the most out of your tech. 

3. Keep Owner and Operating Costs Low

Telematics does more than just streamline your operations. There are big financial savings to be had. 

Your fleet’s odometers contain crucial information about asset performance and fuel consumption. This puts you in a better position to monitor usage and make adjustments if necessary. Meanwhile, completing your Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) will help you keep your fleet compliant and catch problems early.

4. Run Your Fleet More Efficiently

Fleet management software can also help you adopt a more proactive method of working. You can implement a regular preventative maintenance schedule, leading to fewer breakdowns and less money spent on unexpected, costly repairs. 

You can plan your routes, saving time (and fuel) that would otherwise be wasted on mistakes, detours, and roads clogged with slow-moving traffic. Responding to customer requests or managing delays can be accomplished in real-time.

“When we receive a customer call-out we are able to identify the nearest driver to the job, and instantly deploy this driver. We’ve been able to significantly cut down on unnecessary driving time while improving customer service. Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high of 97%,” said William Park, managing director of property maintenance company City Response in a 2013 interview.

5. Promote Employee Growth and Safety

The trades industry is growing at a healthy rate. However, there currently aren’t enough workers to go around. This labor gap means that if someone leaves, it will be harder and more expensive to find a replacement. 

Look after your team and offer more targeted training to provide them with a sense of growth, purpose, and a deeper connection with the business. 

In-cab alerts can be useful when onboarding new trainees. For long-term drivers, video telematics can help you track behavior over the course of several weeks, months, or even years, which can then be used to provide helpful, customized training over the long-term.

Train your team more efficiently and you’ll make them better drivers for years to come. Providing your team opportunities for growth is one of the biggest motivators and a major contributor to job satisfaction, thereby reducing employee turnover.

To learn more about how Fleet Complete solutions can help your business, request a meeting with one of our solutions experts today!


6. Lower Your Workload

Perhaps most appealing to busy fleet managers is the simple reduction in workload fleet management software brings. Automation means you can spend less time on paperwork and administrative tasks. No more collecting and inputting driver receipts. No more maintenance management spreadsheets. 

You can assign jobs quickly, track availability, and allow your drivers to clock in and out virtually. This makes life easier for them and reduces the chances of your company being penalized for drivers exceeding their Hours of Service. Your reputation will be cemented as a trade company that serves its customers well, looks after its staff, and upholds excellent standards all-round.

How Fleet Complete help:

  • Monitor where your equipment is with GPS tracking
  • Track and retrieve assets fast, in case of theft
  • View all staff on one map and stay updated on activities and jobs completed throughout the day on your mobile device or desktop computer
  • Identify how often assets are being used to keep track of inventory and optimize the number of assets or equipment you actually need
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses with better maintenance scheduling

With Fleet Complete Fleet Tracker and Asset Tracker solutions, you can digitally manage your inventory, set up POIs, and track your assets in real-time. If you want to add visibility, protection, and efficiencies, whilst ensuring staff safety, learn more by requesting a Fleet Complete demo.


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