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Saving Fuel with GPS Tracking

Did you know? Companies that implement a GPS tracking system have seen their fleet fuel cost reduced by up to 30%. One of the most immediate, profitable, and easy-to-measure benefits of implementing a...

  Dec 02, 2016     Yeniffer Padrino 0

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Business owners and fleet managers are always on the lookout for the best ways to reduce fleet costs while maintaining the same level of efficiency. Running an efficient and cost-effective business is...

  Apr 11, 2016     Yeniffer Padrino 0

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Proactive asset management

Proactive asset management helps run a more profitable business. Learning that you have to implement changes the hard way is never pleasant, even less, when the cost includes losing business, time and...

  Dec 08, 2015     Yeniffer Padrino 0

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Department of Defense drives into the 21st century

Fleet Complete brings Fleet Sharing to the market, an innovative product that enabled the Department of Defense to achieve a major efficiency increase in its car fleet. Many organizations struggle wit...

  Mar 04, 2015     Patrick van Zandwijk 0

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