Yet another year Fleet Complete has been a proud partner of the annual Arctic Challenge event in the Scandinavian outback – and what an event it was!

To be broadcasted on Dutch television this February, 35 teams are followed during a spectacular rally towards the high north.

From January 13-21, the teams travelled 7,000 kilometers in the harshest conditions. With a lot of snow, slippery roads and temperatures that can drop to -40°C, it was a tough test of human comradery and exceptional driving aptitude. With the bitter winter conditions, the rally is not so much about the speed as it is about team building, perseverance and smart navigation.

Fleet Complete Fleet Tracker real-time tracking.

The teams also have additional challenges that comprise unravelling cryptic routes and coordinates to reach a secret location. This year, the coordinates lead to a beautiful destination above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten archipelago in Norway. With majestic fjords, rugged coastline and imposing mountains, the destination has been voted one of the most beautiful places in the world.

As a nod to our 4th year collaboration, the final seventh leg of the route was called the “Fleet Complete Stage”, for which the winners received a silver plate prize – a very proud moment for both sides, as it reflects the sum all challenges overcome – literally and figuratively.

Back in 2015, when the Arctic Challenge Tour organizers went looking for a supplier of vehicle tracking systems, they came to Fleet Complete. The user-friendly, well-organized fleet management platform was the best choice in terms of efficiency, safety and new possibilities. We at Fleet Complete could not miss an opportunity to sponsor such a beautiful event. Challenge, teamwork and performance in difficult circumstances are values that we can relate to, and every year we look forward to doing it again.

Installing Fleet Complete fleet trackers to vehicles.

This year, we have implemented the new Fleet Complete Fleet Trackers into the participants’ vehicles to not only provide real-time insights into the movements of cars on the map, but also support complex data analytics and reporting at every stage of the rally – data processing is suddenly a piece of cake for the back office of the Arctic Challenge.

We would like congratulate all the winners once again and will wait with high anticipation until the 2019 edition of the Arctic Challenge Tour and its secret spots!

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