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Do my drivers have to sign their daily logs within 24 hours?

Could you inform us regarding the signing logs, in terms of the latest time to do so. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t sign their logs within a 24-period? As we know, all logs must be signed within 24 hours (preferably at the end of each work shift).

For U.S. Federal Carriers, section §395.8 (7) of Part 395 describes the signature/certification requirements. Specifically, a driver is required to certify to the correctness of all entries by signing the form containing the driver’s duty status record with his/her legal name or name of record.

The driver’s signature certifies that all entries required by this section made by the driver are true and correct.  This can only be done after the driver’s log for activities on any day in question are complete. Therefore, a pre-signed log before the full day is completed = log falsification.

There is also no prescribed reference to a signature having to be inputted by a specific timeline (i.e within 24 hours), but while a log remains unsigned, both a driver and/or motor carrier can be subject to enforcement attention for failing to maintain a daily log.

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