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RFID Installation Tips from our expert

Marc’s Safety Corner welcomes Brayn Gomez, Fleet Complete’s Professional Installer and Technical Specialist.


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Brayn brings 15-years worth of experience installing multimedia devices, car kits and GPS systems into a variety of vehicles. Having installed GPS units on any kind of vehicle with a battery, even bicycles, Brayn is the expert when it comes to connecting electronics.

Over the length of his career, Brayn has seen thousands of in-vehicle electronics installations and has important tips to share to help avoid post-installation vehicle issues, malfunctioning units, inaccurate data and even potentially endangering driver safety from poorly secured cabling.

Ask Brayn for insights related to in-vehicle GPS system installations.

For his debut contribution to the Marc’s Safety Corner, Brayn performs the installation of an RFID Kit with a Fleet Complete Fleet Tracker.


Here are a few tips from Brayn:

rfid card

  • Install the reader a distance away from the ignition switch to avoid the card being read accidentally if, for example, the card is attached to the driver’s key-chain.
  • Tightly bind all cables with zipties to avoid wires getting caught in electronics and creating unsafe environments, especially any wiring that is installed beneath the center console near the pedals. Pedals can get caught in the cables or drivers can accidentally trip.
  • Solder wire connections to ensure good solid connection and avoid malfunctions or glitches. Cover the soldered connections with electrical tape to prevent corrosion.

Installing an RFID with Fleet Tracker yourself and have questions? Ask our Expert!

Download the full RFID installation instructions.

Quick video recap of the RFID installation: 

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