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Three Things You Need To Know About Our Award-Winning Safety & Compliance Expert – Marc Moncion

Marc Moncion is a respected, tenured professional on all matters related to health & safety, compliance and regulatory affairs in the transportation industry. His contributions are not only invaluable to Fleet Complete and BigRoad, but also to our customers, loyal readership and other industry stakeholders.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Marc provides first-hand, insider’s knowledge from the field to help guide us through the complicated – even murky at times – policies related to ELD, roadside inspections and auditing, as well as the commercial motor vehicle industry in general.

His blogs and insights are featured regularly across the industry media, and we would like to share with you the 3 things about Marc Moncion that you absolutely need to know to capitalize on his extensive knowledge.


Award-Winning Industry Pioneer 

marc (002)Marc is a recognized and widely respected industry leader who has experience in government, insurance, private or for-hire fleets and now telematics. He started his career with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Carrier Safety Enforcement Branch, where he worked in several leadership roles in enforcement, strategic, operational, and business planning.

In November 2018, Marc represented Fleet Complete at the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) 2018 Annual General Meeting and received an OTA Pioneer Club Award for 25+ years of dedicated service to the trucking industry.

Going back to 1997, he was also the recipient of the Thomas J. McTague Memorial Award for achieving the highest academic standing in Integrated Logistics in his Graduating class from the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT).

He simply eats, sleeps and breaths his job and loves to help those in the industry to stay safe, compliant and to prosper!

His volunteer work includes, but is not limited to, representing industry on Federal, Provincial, State and other Advisory Working Committees.

He’s Been On Both Sides

SAM_1800Marc knows his audiences from within. He’s been in truck driver’s shoes, in a DOT inspector’s hat and in a director’s suit.

He can talk to any of the industry’s participant regardless of their role within a company, and can help provide hands-on knowledge that will benefit them directly.

Marc understands the complex scenarios with competing priorities and tight timelines to the tee. He deals with everything from user stories, acceptance criteria, legislation requirements and functional specification documents.

At Fleet Complete, Marc works with all internal and external stakeholders including clients, channels partners, subsidiaries, insurance providers and government regulatory bodies on areas of safety, compliance and regulatory affairs globally.

If you’d wake him up in the middle of the night, he’d probably still be able to recite all the logistical commandments, whether you’re a truck driver, a fleet manager or a regulator serving the transportation industry.

Global Subject Matter Expert

Marc works closely with all industry segments and alongside Fleet Complete’s and BigRoad’s customers.

He has been a guiding hand to demystify the nuances of the recent ELD mandate implementation across the U.S. and the upcoming mandate for Canada. But Marc’s deep knowledge of the industry and his passionate interest therein extends his expertise outside of strictly North America.

Marc is currently working with Fleet Complete’s Mexican division on the new Hours of Service regulation in that will be managed on a federal level.

For Fleet Complete’s Australian clients, Marc is delving into the safety and regulatory telematics policies within the Australian Transport & Logistics industry that is dealing with the upcoming new legislation on Chain of Custody and Electronic Work Diary (EWD) – Australian equivalent of ELD.

Marc’s profound, hands-on expertise, gathered over many years of service in the industry, brings incredible value not only to us internally, but to our customers and followers.

Stay tuned for more insights from Marc in our blogs section!

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