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Improving Driver and Fleet Safety with Fleet Complete

Studies have shown that road accidents are the leading cause of employee injury and mortality.  There are various causes to why road accidents occur, yet many are linked to driver behaviour. Fleet Com...

  Oct 05, 2016     Laura Simunek 0

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How a Fleet Tracking System is the Answer to Small Businesses Challenges

Your business embraces a great idea, an amazing product or service, and dedicated employees to support it and make it grow.  If part of your business includes managing a fleet, no matter the size, you...

  Jul 20, 2016     Yeniffer Padrino 0

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Commercial Telematics: Saving You More Than Just Money

Insurance premiums are a major expense for any company managing a commercial fleet. These premiums provide protection to companies against accidents and theft.   Unfortunately, the amounts paid out in...

  Jun 06, 2016     Ingrid Marini 0

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Telematics for large vehicle fleets and long-haul trucking firms is a new subject in the industry. It is also transforming the way commercial companies manage their businesses. Introducing my Fleet So...

  May 09, 2016     Laura Simunek 0

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