Telematics for large vehicle fleets and long-haul trucking firms is a new subject in the industry. It is also transforming the way commercial companies manage their businesses.

Introducing my Fleet Solution. This telematics program uses a GPS to help businesses to track the location of their fleet of vehicles. It also serves as a way to generate operational efficiencies, which may include:

  • Reducing idle times, thus resulting in fuel savings
  • Ensuring the overall safety of the fleet by monitoring its maintenance schedule
  • Recovering stolen fleet vehicles with potential expensive equipment or cargo
  • Ensuring the safety of the employees driving the vehicles
  • Plus, through my Fleet Solution, we can help you improve the safety of your fleet with our loss prevention services.
driver behavior dashboard intact insurance for fleets. Fleet management software.

“We are very happy with the tracking of our vehicle (through Fleet Complete). It aided in the recovery of one of our trucks that was stolen. Thank you Fleet Complete,”

– Philip Jean , Contain Enviro Services Ltd., Fleet Complete customer since 2012

Through my Fleet Solution, a fleet customer will have access to an online personalized dashboard. This dashboard will provide key indicators that can be used to have a preventative conversation with a fleet customer before a potential loss occurs. The dashboard can help to address fleet management concerns, by providing the data needed to make smart decisions and eventually implement the required changes to work towards having a safe and productive fleet.

For more information on my Fleet Solution, visit intact.ca/business-my-fleet-solution or contact your Intact Insurance broker.

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