Improving Driver and Fleet Safety with Fleet Complete

Studies have shown that road accidents are the leading cause of employee injury and mortality. 

There are various causes to why road accidents occur, yet many are linked to driver behaviour. Fleet Complete offers a GPS telematics solution that can help prevent these accidents and improve your driver and fleet safety by tracking driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and harsh cornering. By monitoring adverse driving habits, the management can provide appropriate coaching to help drivers improve areas of concern. Moreover, the organization can just as effectively prove the innocence of their drivers in cases of accidents.

“From the very beginning, my experience has been very positive. I initially thought I would use the GPS to monitor driver after-hours vehicle use, but it has been far more useful. We use it for client billing disputes, timesheet verification, scheduling vehicle maintenance and monitoring driver performance. One of my drivers was in an accident; he was rear ended. The other party, clearly at fault, claimed my driver did a U-turn and cut in front of them. They claimed bodily injury as well as vehicle damage. With the help from customer service, I was able to prepare reports, such as “breadcrumb trail”, “harsh cornering” and “position” to give to the insurance investigator to negate this fraudulent claim. Without these reports, this claim could compromise our insurance as well as the driver’s record. I would never have thought the program would help with accident investigations; just another benefit of having the Fleet Complete program. I also have to mention that the customer service team is amazing and very knowledgeable, I have never had a bad experience. The software itself is easy and very user-friendly. We are a small non-profit organization and investing in Fleet Complete has been a wise choice. Without hesitation, I would recommend Fleet Complete to any business, big or small.”

– Sophie Stathopoulos
Transportation Supervisor,
Transcare Community Support Services

Recognizing various legal and administrative benefits that a connected vehicle brings to an organization, Fleet Complete has partnered with Intact Insurance to help better manage driver behaviour risks with my Fleet Solution. 


my Fleet Solution is available to any client who is covered by Intact Insurance and has Fleet Complete units installed in their vehicles. The client will receive an exclusive Intact Insurance dashboard together with the Fleet Complete tracking software, which will display the greatest areas of concern for their fleet. Based on this dashboard, the client can receive additional support from Intact’s Loss Prevention Specialists, who will help determine the true causes for the areas of concern as well as suggestions for improvement. With a safer fleet, the client can be assured that they will benefit from reduced downtime costs, fewer claims and an ongoing stability in insurance premiums.

Do you have a client that can benefit from Fleet Complete and my Fleet Solution? Visit intact.ca/business-my-fleet-solution or contact your Intact Insurance broker

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