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Transport Canada Minister Omar Alghabra issued a public statement on electronic logging devices for commercial vehicles.

The statement outlines a commitment from the Government of Canada to the 3rd Party certified electronic logging device (ELD) mandate that is coming into force June 2021 and adds an enforcement transition strategy.

The Minister's statement also reinforces its support to work with all stakeholders to develop a successful and progressive enforcement strategy starting on June 12, 2021, that will sunset with the full enforcement of Canada's ELD requirements by June 12, 2022.

To recall, the United States had a similar educational period when their ELD mandate was rolled out. While this period took place over four months for the US, the Canadian educational enforcement period will last 12 months. The introduction of this phased-in enforcement strategy is not unusual for our sector, based on Fleet Complete's experience with enforcement in Canada.

That does not mean that Fleet Complete/BigRoad will not continue our efforts past the ELD certification process with FPInnovations. Instead, we have more flexibility to work with our customers to ensure full compliance with the CCMTA Technical Standard for Electronic Logging Devices.

The next step is that the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) will be forming a committee to develop the progressive enforcement strategy. Since the industry will be invited to the table, Fleet Complete has reached out to CCMTA to have members added to the committee.

This committee will be working with the provinces, territories, and the federal government in the coming months to develop a comprehensive and fair transition to ensure that the ELD mandate progresses to full enforcement within the 12-month period.

Stay tuned, as Fleet Complete will be providing further insights on the Canada ELD mandate as they become known.

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  Mar 03, 2021     Marc Moncion

Ask the expert - Marc Moncion (Safety, compliance and regulatory affairs expert)


Marc Moncion

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Marc is the Vice President of Safety, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs at Fleet Complete. He is an author and industry subject matter expert who has worked in numerous senior transportation management roles for over 25 years, including being an Inspector for the MTO. Marc sits on several Federal/State/Provincial regulatory bodies and frequently provides commentary on emerging technology, best practices, and regulatory affairs. In addition, Marc is a Commercial Driver's Licence (CDL) holder and can drive all types of commercial vehicles in North America.

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