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The Power of Self-Installation

Redefining Fleet Management: The Power of Self-Installation with Fleet Complete

How easy is it to manage self-install, really? In the ever-evolving landscape of fleet management solutions, optimizing the speed and accuracy with which you can install and troubleshoot your solutions is essential. 

Pro-Installation vs. Self-Installation for Fleet Tracking

Many businesses choose to rely on professional installers to set up and maintain their fleet tracking and monitoring devices. Proper installation of devices like AI dash cameras, fleet trackers and asset trackers helps to ensure the solution is connected and reporting the fleet data you need.  Professional installation services can increase the financial and logistical prices associated with onboarding. However, for organizations with larger fleet sizes requiring device installation across a mixed-fleet, and little time or patience to troubleshoot, hiring professional installers offers peace of mind that the solutions you’ve invested in are working. 

With enhanced functionality and greater accessibility to pro-installation tools, the opportunity for fleet-based businesses to self-install has become easier than ever. As self-install tools emerge, like FC Install, even more businesses can take greater control of their device installations with ease, precision, and confidence. Self-install apps like these don’t just stop at the device installation process. FC Install can coach fleet operators through the process of camera alignment, data integration, test reports, as well as troubleshooting technical errors that are easy to resolve.  

To determine whether a self-installation solution or professional installation service is right for you, there are some things to consider.

When Self-Installation Just Makes Sense

Cost Savings

Perhaps the most immediate advantage of self-installation is cost savings. By eliminating the need for professional installers, businesses can significantly reduce their upfront expenses, making fleet management solutions more accessible to a broader range of organizations, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Flexibility and Convenience

Rather than scheduling appointments and coordinating with external installers, fleet managers can initiate installations on their schedule, minimizing downtime and disruptions to operations.

Speed and Efficiency

Self-installation streamlines the deployment process, allowing businesses to get up and running swiftly. By leveraging intuitive guidance and step-by-step instructions within the app, even users with limited technical expertise can complete installations efficiently.

Solutions Best Supported By Self-Install Apps

  1. AI-Powered Fleet Dash Cameras: For businesses looking to enhance driver safety and improve accountability, AI-powered dash cameras are indispensable. Proper installation of these dual-facing fleet safety solutions ensures businesses get the real-time footage needed to monitor safe driving behaviors. Proper camera installation, alignment and reporting, provide managers with valuable video footage, which helps protect drivers and reconstruct incidents, where applicable. The FC Install App simplifies the installation process, enabling seamless integration of dash cameras into vehicle fleets of any size or configuration.
  2. GPS Fleet Trackers: To remain connected with the status and location of your vehicles in real-time is essential to effective fleet operations and communications. Real-time visibility into fleet operations is critical for optimizing efficiency and productivity. Self-installation for these simple, yet powerful, devices is enhanced with tools like FC Install, so businesses get actionable insights, through monitoring vehicle locations, analyzing driver behavior, and optimizing routes with ease. Set up your fleet trackers, end-to-end, by assigning devices from the app to their assets, complete troubleshooting, verify the device is reporting, for complete fleet connectivity.
  3. Asset Trackers: Beyond vehicles, many businesses rely on tracking and monitoring valuable assets. Whether it’s construction equipment, trailers, or containers, asset trackers installed via the FC Install App offer businesses unparalleled visibility and control over their assets, reducing the risk of theft or loss.

How The Installation Process Works

Within FC Hub, the FC Install module displays all self-installation tasks completed from the FC Install mobile app. It allows you to view the details of each install, such as asset details, and device serial numbers for device swaps. You can view the details of a task, and search, sort and filter tasks. It also allows you to add a new task and assign it to a resource. 

A new task can include an install for a new fleet tracker device or a FC Vision camera, or a device swap, where an existing device needs to be removed and replaced with a new device. This can help you prepare your fleet’s installation tasks in advance. When a task is assigned to a resource, it will be available in the FC Install mobile app.

Which Businesses Benefit From Self-Installation Apps?

While the benefits of self-installation are universal, certain businesses and installations stand to gain the most from leveraging the FC Install App:

  1. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): SMEs with limited resources can maximize their ROI by opting for self-installation, minimizing upfront costs and streamlining deployment.
  2. Diverse Industries: From transportation and logistics to construction and field services, businesses across various industries can harness the power of self-installation to enhance operational efficiency and safety.
  3. Medium to Large Fleets: While businesses of all sizes can benefit from self-installation, medium to large fleets stand to gain the most significant advantages in terms of cost savings and scalability.


By empowering businesses to take control of their installations, it not only drives cost savings and efficiency but also democratizes access to cutting-edge technology. 

Whether it’s dash cameras, fleet trackers, or asset trackers, the FC Install App offers businesses of all sizes and industries a pathway to enhanced visibility, safety, and profitability in their fleet operations. Embrace the future of fleet management with Fleet Complete today.

Are you a Fleet Complete customer and curious about free self-installation tools? Download FC Install today and experience the convenience of self-installation firsthand. Available for Android and iOS devices. 

For training and technical support, visit FC Install (fleetcomplete.com)

Not with Fleet Complete and want to learn more? Contact one of our experts today.

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