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4 Ways Telematics Can Improve Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is often left off of the list of benefits of fleet management technology. Instead, obvious business-centric advantages like increased driver safetyproductivity, and operational visibility take its place, along with a reduction in vehicle damage and preventable accidents.

It may come as a surprise that, according to the Aberdeen Group’s famous 2008 reportimproving customer service was the leading motivator for businesses to install telematics technology, nominated by a striking 73 per cent of respondents.


What these respondents appreciate is that customer service hinges not on a single metric, but on a combination of many. In fact, each of those frequently listed benefits mentioned will have positive domino effects on other areas of business, including the end customer.

It is therefore useful to shift our focus from a business-centric mindset to a consumer-centric one, when considering how fleet management software can be best integrated into your organisation.

Let’s break down exactly how the implementation of fleet tracking and monitoring can boost individual aspects of business and contribute to an overall boost in customer experience.

Accurate delivery estimates

Thanks to near real-time visibility into fleet positioning, logistics coordinators can instantly report on driver location if prompted – all with an extremely high level of confidence. It eliminates those all-too-familiar problems of having a disgruntled customer call up to complain, having been promised a delivery hours prior. Fleet Tracker, enables a direct conversation between truck and customer—without the middle man. 

Efficient dispatch

Another benefit of real-time tracking is the overall visibility into where all of your vehicles are at one point in time in relation to one another. It means that you’ll always be able to select the closest and most convenient vehicle for the job at hand, which in turn translates to a better, faster response time and happier customers. Fleet Tracker features a handy tool to do just this. The ‘Find nearby’ feature shows you exactly how far away your driver is from a chosen address, as well as any others in the vicinity.

Real-time notifications

Having an accurate delivery estimate is handy, but where fleet management software really shines is in its ability to send email notifications directly to the customer, as soon as the truck hits a journey checkpoint. In many businesses, precision and timing are key to ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. Using the Fleet Tracker system, you’re able to establish ‘zones’ at the threshold of which your customers will receive an email. Perhaps they want to be informed when the driver makes a certain pick up along the way, or you’d like to let them know when you’re 10km away from their destination. This feature allows this added layer of visibility.

Accountable delivery

Fleet Complete’s Task Tracker app enables managers to accurately schedule jobs, as well as ensuring they are completed within allocated time frames. It means for deadline-driven customers, drivers are held accountable for delivering your goods on time. And as one added tier of security, the Fleet Tracker’s ‘Trip replay’ and ‘Trip report’ features will act as a proof of delivery measure, which comes in handy for goods delivered outside of business hours, or when your customers aren’t able to be there.


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