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How Using Virtual Perimeters Can Benefit Your Business

Utilising fleet management solutions is highly beneficial to increasing the visibility, safety and security of your fleet. While GPS fleet tracking is at the crux of this, there are specific tools within that banner that are especially helpful in optimising your day-to-day operations. One of these is ‘Points of Interest’ or POI. 

What is a POI?

Quite simply, a POI is a predetermined ‘digital fence’ around specific locations of your choice. With fleet trackers, setting POIs will trigger alerts when vehicles enter or exit the geographical boundaries that have been configured to your fleet management software through a web interface. These alerts are sent as real-time notifications to your mobile device or computer.

By monitoring the position of vehicles in proximity to POIs, your business can observe activity that is paramount to driver efficiency and idle time, staff accountability, and asset protection.

Screen shot of Adelaide office with POIs

POIs for the Adelaide Fleet Complete Office

Building Sites

For any business whose fleet revolves around the construction industry, keeping track of staff is imperative when it comes to accountability and site safety. Setting up POIs around building sites is particularly useful for monitoring those who are or aren’t onsite when they need to be and provides additional data for logging OHS issues.

This use of GPS fleet management is also a highly effective way to assess productivity of employees and any unnecessary overtime or downtime, thereby streamlining your overheads or helping you to meet deadlines. Additionally, building site POIs allow you to keep track of sensor-fitted tools, vehicles and equipment for the sake of logistics and project planning.

Delivery Drivers

Establishing POIs for delivery drivers is a great fleet management solution for providing excellent customer service. Knowing the real-time location of your driver in proximity to your customer ensures optimising routes taken, the accurate dissemination of ETAs, and ensuring they have someone onsite to receive the goods. Proof of delivery can also be recorded through time and location stamps, assisting with disputes and resolutions.

This overall enhancement of your fleet’s reliability in the eyes of your clients may well be the competitive edge your reputation is looking for.



Fleet management solutions are designed to not only ensure your everyday operations run smoothly, but to also enhance the security for that to occur. Asset management is at the core of this.

Assets are the lifeblood of any fleet, and predetermined POIs act as additional protection against their unauthorised use or theft. By monitoring any high value equipment or vehicles fitted with fleet GPS sensor technology, you can be notified when they leave the perimeter of storage facilities, building sites, or any other place they should be kept. Throughout any occurrence of theft, you will be informed in real-time and equipped to alert authorities. In an unexpected situation that’s bound to take you by surprise, you will also be best prepared to establish contingency plans for these vehicles or equipment if need be.


Sales Staff

The management of sales staff can be a challenging exercise when it comes to establishing and monitoring effective standards of performance. Setting POIs for your workforce can streamline that process and enhance your ability to coach them based on their movements and activity, while also keeping an eye on downtime.

Although the application of POIs is abundant in its possibilities, you might like to monitor the overall attendance of your sales representatives to particular stores or businesses. Knowing that they have visited specific locations will mean a better understanding of how that time has been used and whether or not it meets internal expectations of efficiency. In these instances, GPS fleet tracking can also monitor activity in “no go” areas or help you ascertain the best routes between these places to determine the ‘best practice’. A more efficient fleet means the ability to land more sales and boost your bottom line!

Adding a POI around Adelaide Airport

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