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Why Summer is the Time to Upgrade Your Fleet Technology

Finally, summer has arrived!

While the warm season is often filled with soaking up the sun, spending time outdoors, getting out to travel, and spending time off work to relax, savvy businesses can take advantage of the downtime that often comes when July and August roll around.

Specifically, summer can offer a convenient time for your business to upgrade your fleet management technology for a variety of reasons.

In this article, we’ll highlight what makes summer an opportune time to upgrade your fleet technology and the benefits it has to offer for your business.

Why Upgrade in the Summer?

When considering the best time to upgrade your fleet’s technology, it’s important to think about your individual business’s needs, as all operate differently and on varying schedules. However, the summer tends to be a convenient time for many fleets due to several common factors.

1.    Spike in Vacation Time

As the weather improves in the summer and people plan to enjoy it, employee vacation time tends to spike.

With many employees taking time off, this can result in having fewer drivers operating your fleet vehicles and decreasing vehicle usage.

To take advantage of the time that your vehicles aren’t being used as often, it can be a great idea to install fleet management hardware into them without having to take them off the road and potentially impede business.

2.    Ideal for Employee Training

As business often winds down in the summer months – with employees and clients taking more vacation time, as mentioned earlier – it can be a favorable opportunity to educate and train your team on using newly-upgraded fleet management technology.

This way, when business picks back up as summer comes to a close, your employees will be well-adjusted to using the new fleet management software and are less likely to experience hiccups during the busier months.

Another reason why training can be ideal to conduct in the summer is that employees are often less likely to experience burnout than they are in the winter. Since training can be a dry topic and not always easy to implement, choosing a time when employees are most likely to remain engaged and absorb information is best – and what better time than when spirits are likely higher from escaping the cold and enjoying the warmth of summer?

This can make a big difference when it comes to employee satisfaction, training effectiveness, and the overall success of implementing upgraded fleet management technology.

3.    Be Well-Equipped When Business Ramps Up

As business often ramps back up after the summer when people return from vacation, the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling to equip your fleet with new technology and implement training on its use.

If your business is quieter in the summer months, it marks the perfect time to get installations, training, and logistics sorted out before vacation time dwindles after August. Your business will be prepared with new, helpful technology – and you’ll already have some experience under your belt on how to use it and maximize its benefits.

Why Upgrade your Fleet Technology?

Though summer is a great time to upgrade your fleet’s technology, there is never a bad time to do it, considering all the benefits it can offer.

With the latest fleet management technology, you can gain:


When looking to upgrade your fleet’s technology, it’s important to consider several factors regarding your business – including when employees are taking vacation time, when your fleet vehicles are least active, and what time of the year business tends to be slower.

While this often falls during the summer months, it can vary depending on your business and is important to keep in mind when looking into upgrading your technology.

If you want to know more about how Fleet Complete can help with a seamless transition when upgrading or implementing fleet management technology, request our Fleet Complete demo.

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