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What is Future Proofing? Does your business need it?

Future proofing is a broad term that can encompass not only buildings and infrastructure but also communities, cities, countries or the whole planet.iStock-692819426

The business environment is an ever-changing beast; its unpredictable nature is a constant challenge for any company. Whether it be market volatility, or your own business growth, you need a scalable approach to adjust to any change.

The technology landscape is constantly changing; so it’s quite important to ensure that the functions you use your technology for today will not require a complete overhaul a year from now – which is an everchanging and complex task!

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Future-proof Telematics

Future-proofing is the process of anticipating the future and developing methods to minimise any negative effects change in the future may have, while ensuring your business/product is equipped to take advantage of the positive effects.

In relation to vehicle technology – future proofing is an assessment process aimed at maximising whole-live value in the face of unpredictable, ongoing change.

When selecting telematics for your business – it’s important to ensure that you have the most flexible technology to accommodate likely future advances in technology.

Staying on top of trends in vehicles, fuel management, maintenance, telematics, safety, and job suitability is a full-time job all by itself – which is why Fleet Complete have designed technology that is interchangeable, stackable and most importantly, future-proof for Fleet Managers across the globe.

With the requirements of your business differing from one day to the next, you need your GPS vehicle tracking device to be able to adapt – A scalable solution is software that is expanded and upgraded without the need to replace the core device, regardless of what features or functionality you are after.


Mobile Network Evolution

With the eventual switch-off of 3G technology, 3G devices will no longer connect to your mobile network provider starting from the shutdown dates. This is why it is important to upgrade legacy communications devices beforehand to ensure continued business operations. Key advantage of upgrading your fleet to 4G-enabled devices today is arming your business operations with enhanced speed and connectivity, while also future-proofing for the 3G sunset.

Our market-leading technology will help you in this transition by giving you advanced 4G LTE devices to prepare you for the imminent switch. Getting these devices today, you will start seeing the benefits of faster data transmission and better support for telematics solutions, like video recording dash cameras.


Scalable Technology for Vehicles

Using advanced future-proof IOX (Input/Output Executive) technology enables you to add and remove capabilities at any time, based on your current business requirements, which delivers a truly scalable solution for your vehicle fleet without requiring continuous investment into upgrades.

Many Fleet and Automotive companies have adopted disruptive technologies such as Big Data, predictive analytics, process robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance operational efficiencies and value creation, and Fleet Complete’s devices and FC web platform can capture all the data needed, and deliver this to you in a way that is measurable, scalable and suitable to assist you in running your business more efficiently.

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