4 Ways Telematics Improves Total Cost of Fleet Ownership

Our team of experts utilized industry statistics and best practice data to estimate how telematics solutions can help fleets reduce their total cost of ownership. Whether you run a light-duty local service fleet or a long-haul trucking fleet, fleet management solutions can help you reduce net cost per mile in 4 following ways. 

See below how light-duty fleets and heavy-duty fleets can save on driver, fuel, maintenance and insurance costs with Fleet Complete suite of solutions. 



Light-duty fleets:


Fleet Complete TCO infographic Light Duty.


Heavy-duty fleets:


 Fleet Complete TCO infographic Heavy Duty.

Important: The numbers above are weighted averages derived from aggregating multiple vehicle classes, categories, vocations and duty cycles and are not reflective of any specific vehicle class, category, duty cycle, and vocation. The numbers have not been derived from actual on-road testing but from aggregating data from various sources. These are estimates derived from best effort based on industry research and Fleet Complete estimates of savings enabled by its solutions in areas such as fuel, maintenance, etc.

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