BigRoad Freight Launches First New Personalized Load Matching Platform

BigRoad, a Fleet Complete Company, has launched BigRoad Freight 2.0 – the new personalized load searching platform that will help drivers find loads and get paid faster. 


Toronto, Sept 24, 2018 

Since its inception, BigRoad has always been about empowering drivers and making their lives easier. With the new ELD mandate in place, drivers needed a additional avenue to make more money. 

BigRoad Freight was the answer to help drivers to stay ELD complaint while getting more loads to haul. BigRoad Freight 2.0 is the next step for the future of freight.


The new load board is a curated list of top 10 loads, personalized to each driver and based on their unique criteria: multiple parameters, such as hours-of-service availability, vehicle type, weight and destinations

“We’ve been analyzing very closely what long-haul drivers really need, and what we can do to make booking freight as quick and easy as possible,” noted Grant Cleland, Director of Sales at BigRoad, “We believe our new tailored load-matching platform does that better than any other we’ve seen.”

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