People Behind The Connected Platform

Connected mobility solutions wouldn’t exists without people. And there is a solid reason why one of our key company values is People. We hire some of the best talent in the industry to help our customers win everyday, and ensure that people with real-world experiences help others like them succeed.

Our experts not only know the business you’re in, they also speak your language. And we don’t mean just your spoken language – that they do too, depending where you are geographically. Our people speak your lingo, your hopes and fears, you daily routine. They’ve most likely been in your shoes before.

They understand your business back to front. Some of them used to drive trucks or manage a fleet themselves. They speak to hundreds of fleet owners, managers and drivers every day about the challenges they face on a regular basis.

Though every business is unique, the pains are common for most. When our experts speak to you, they come with a wealth of knowledge from other businesses just like yours, helping you find the best solutions for your needs.


Fighting For Big Causes

Introducing, Michelle Hardy – our Government Sales Director, expert and a veteran Fire Fighter. Today, Michele is responsible for helping transportation fleets in the government, first response and education sectors improve their operations.

Michelle knows safety like the back of her hand and not only has dedicated her professional life to helping communities be safer, but is also the driving force behind the Fleet Complete’s Vision Zero Network partnership.

vision zero

Vision Zero is a multi-national road traffic safety project that aims to achieve a highway system without fatalities or serious injuries. Evaluating and managing driver behavior is a proven way of reducing road fatalities and injuries. The Vision Zero Network is a non-profit organization committed to defining, building momentum and advancing Vision Zero in communities across the U.S.   

The mission of her day-to-day work includes the development of innovative ways to support communities. Working alongside FirstNet and AT&T has been rewarding from day one. 

As a veteran first responder herself within the Fire Department – alongside her 17-year law enforcement veteran spouse – the vision and passion for public safety runs in her family – and ours.

The first item on Michelle’s list of priorities has always been school bus safety. Most people don’t realize that the big yellow school bus fleet is the single largest form of public transportation in the U.S. with nearly 500,000 buses carrying 26 million students across billions of miles each year.

Michelle is part of an elite group of child advocates, transportation safety and security experts who will not rest until every student rides on a bus that has the technology and safety standards required to see a “Vision Zero” outcome (no fatalities or serious injuries) become a reality for the student transportation industry.

CSN FirstNet Smart Bus-1

Ward Leber, Founder of the nation’s leading child safety organization (Child Safety Network) – added:

“Michelle was very quick to jump in with Child Security Network (CSN), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the nation’s most accredited security experts to develop a collaboration that we hope to announce before back-to-school 2019. For the past 30 years, CSN has been working to prevent the likelihood of children and youth becoming victims of abuse, abduction, exploitation, and injury.

“I have rarely found anyone so dedicated to the mission of making America a safer place for children to live. We are honored to work with Michelle and the Fleet Complete team as we make history by providing Fleet Complete technology, CSN training, TSA driver screening, and FirstNet connectivity so that every school bus in America can someday be a mobile command center in case of on-campus, or in route emergency.”

When asked to describe her personal story, Michelle stated:

“I am a storyteller by nature, which bleeds into my passion for public safety and saving lives. I learn from the mistakes of the past so that we can be better tomorrow. That’s how I approach safety.

“Not many people know I was in a School Bus crash when I was about 11 years old in Iowa. I was knocked unconscious and had a large gash across my forehead, and a badly banged-up my knee. I will never forget waking up on an empty school bus alone thinking, am I dead? Some kids love the bus ride; but for me, it was 90 minutes sitting in a seat each way, every day for years. Then one day it happened, I remember crawling out of the bus “roof” through broken glass and backpacks only to see all the other school bus children sitting on the side of the gravel road. Their faces were laden with fear when I emerged; I had not seen my face and continued on with my notion – I died and must be a ghost. I was not, but they were terrified of the blood that had streamed down my face and in my hair. Thankfully, that experience galvanized my relentless passion for school bus safety.”

“I want everyone to walk, drive, or ride a bike and know they will return from their trip safely. That is not the case for so many across the globe. As long as I have the privilege to work with the Fleet Complete team and great organizations like CSN and the Vision Zero Network, I will meet each work day with gratitude and an ever-increasing vigor,” says Michelle.




 Trucker For Life – The Lifted Life

Introducing Chase Hunter. Today, he is a regional Fleet Complete expert serving customers out of Missouri and Kansas. In his past profession, Chase was a driver and a fleet director for years.

He knows all about keeping logbooks and experienced first-hand the transition to the electronic log era that the industry is going through today. Chase has been through DOT inspections and audits, he understands the challenges that management faces as well.

“I’ve been there. As a driver, a fleet director, and a service manager, I’ve been sold solutions that don’t work as expected and in the end caused more pain. I find myself on the other side of the fence now, and my goal is to provide solutions that businesses truly benefit from. I’m not in it to make a quick buck. I know back then I would have really appreciated a solution provider that listened to my problems. Today, that’s my goal in every conversation with a fleet owner or a driver,” says Chase.

Meet Five R Trucks – a truck shop with a passion for customization and helping people realize their automotive dreams. They live and breathe trucks, SUVs, Jeeps and 4x4s. So much that they star in their own reality TV show – The Lifted Life.

lifted-life-tv-showThe Lifted Life Season 5 has premiered on January 15, 2019 and is now showing every Tuesday on NBC Sports (NBCSN). The owner of the shop, Steve Hill, and his team travel across the nation to showcase their custom truck projects at tradeshows and events. But…

By FMCSA regulation, they must comply with the ELD mandate.

When approached by Steve for an ELD solution, Chase and The Lifted Life crew instantly found a connection. Passion for trucks can run deep in one’s veins. Having gone through many paper logs, eLogs and AOBRD solutions, Steve was on the market for an easy-to-use product that would keep his crew compliant with the ELD regulations.

Chase, previously a trucker himself, loves how the BigRoad ELD solution is set up. It is easy to navigate and looks very similar to the paper logs, making it easier for drivers to get used to. After Chase showed it to Steve, he absolutely loved it.

“Ease of use is simple. Transition is great!” says Steve Hill. “It’s great for all types of drivers. The experienced guys have used paper logs forever. They are used to them and they will love this app too because it’s that simple. Young guys have more experience with technology and will pick it up fairly quickly.”




Techy Brainiacs

We like to give our customers the best treatment, and then some. Our Technical Channel team is the SWAT of Fleet Complete, delivering the best-tailored fleet management solution to meet unique customer needs.

This team of experts is well versed in the flexibility and unique use cases of the Fleet Complete platform. They get into the thick of things to really understand customer fleet operations and identify opportunities to track, measure and improve.

At times, our expert do onsite visits to evaluate customer business, types of trucks they have and go over any special needs. The more complex the puzzle, the more creative this team gets. Best-in-class service and tailored solutions at no additional cost.

“There was a company on the west coast that needed to track delivery carts. The company was not having any luck with asset trackers from other providers since they weren’t capturing enough data and meeting fleet owner’s needs. In talking with them, we determined they didn’t really need to track the cart’s location but instead, they were more interested in the path the cart took,” remembers Nick Davies, Technical Channel Manager.

Tracking a non-powered asset is done with a battery-powered GPS tracker. Traditionally, battery-powered asset trackers have limited lifecycle and are generally configured to report a few times a day to provide insight into asset’s location. However, in this particular case, a tracker would need to report on a much more frequent basis to be able to capture carts’ routes.

“We positioned the PT100 which has a lower location transmission rate and can easily chart a path using the Breadcrumb Trail report on the tracking screen so the fleet owner could tell the efficiency of their delivery team.”

AdobeStock_141131761_web 3




Fleet Safety And Compliance For Breakfast

Meet our head of Safety, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at Fleet Complete – Marc Moncion. The main expert on the panel of Marc’s Safety Corner and the man behind everything ELD. With decades of experience being a trucker, fleet safety manager and a DOT officer, Marc brings a wealth of knowledge of the trucking world from multiple perspectives. Ask Marc a question you may have about fleet safety and compliance. 

Marc shares his extensive understanding of federal, state and cross-border regulations with customers and non-customers alike. Regulations around ELD, DVIR and audits come with a lot of exemptions and rule-makings.

Every business has a unique approach to how they handle government requirements. Marc is there to provide insights, advice and best practices to businesses and owner operators.

“Quite simply, transportation health and safety compliance, and all associated products and services, have been in my DNA from origin to destination throughout my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe these values at home, work, and play! I coach and mentors all staff at all levels of the company to provide expertise to bring on more clients and channel partners,” says Marc Moncion.

SAM_1800Marc Moncion (far right) providing commentary on ELDs on the Red Eye Radio at the ATA 2018.



The Life And Breath Of Truck Engines

Meet Rick Chettle, who has been in the automotive business for over 20 years.

His daily life at Fleet Complete includes hands-on involvement with testing and evaluating on-boarding diagnostics and system compatibility with the goal to find more reliable ways to capture vehicle data, providing our customers the insight they need.

Vehicles today have an average of about 30 on-board electronic controls and some luxury cars may have as many as 100 of these microprocessor-controlled devices also known as electronic control units. Rick has seen, climbed in and tested Fleet Complete equipment on hundreds of vehicles of various models, makes and years.

“These units can have up to a 100 million lines of code, more than in some Jet fighters,” says Rick. His work ensures our system captures accurate information from a wide range of vehicles. “We have invested more than $60,000 in OEM scan tools with one goal in mind, locating and identifying the safety and performance information our clients rely on to run their fleet safely and efficiently,” shared Rick.

“We identify the mission-critical information on each vehicle we work with and code it into our products. This process can take several hours per vehicle. In some case multiple test trips are needed.”

Working closely with our product team and Technical Channel team, Rick shares his insights and advances in our technology that benefit our customers with mixed fleets.


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