Beyond Traditional Tracking: Creative Uses of GPS Technology

In the “Beyond Traditional Tracking” series we continue to bring you real-life examples of how our clients are using Fleet Complete products in unexpected ways.

Tracking Solar Powered LED Light Towers


Companies in the oil industry routinely leave expensive equipment in remote locations. We often think of these companies tracking generators or excavating equipment, but one of Fleet Complete’s customers is tracking solar powered LED light towers.

When working on remote areas lighting systems become very important to the safety of workers in the field, as well as the success of the project. The solar powered LED light towers are environmentally-friendly and help the company to decrease energy costs. The cost of the solar panels and the LED light tower can add up anywhere between $1,500 to $12,000 per set and represents a significant investment for any business.

AT1 Solar small

This company is using the Asset Tracker 1 Solar on the LTE-M network to monitor these systems and to decrease their financial risk. The AT1 Solar is easily mounted on the asset with a heavy-duty double-sided tape and reports its location once a day by default. The transmission rate can be adjusted to report more frequently depending on the business needs. For example, the tracker can be set to report every few minutes once movement is detected. 

In addition, the AT1 Solar is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a small solar panel. When exposed to direct sunlight, the device continuously recharges its battery, enabling site managers to track their equipment for years to come.

Have you used Fleet Complete products in creative ways?

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