Effective Strategies to Reduce Fleet Costs

Business owners and fleet managers are always on the lookout for the best ways to reduce fleet costs while maintaining the same level of efficiency.

Running an efficient and cost-effective business is key to success and fleet managers play a vital role in achieving that goal. Ensuring that you are maximizing the ROI on your Fleet Management system relies on the knowledge and expertise of fleet managers.

Most frequent reasons for not maximizing the ROI or not gaining the full benefit of your system are:

  • Low implementation
  • Lack of training
  • Not exploiting the full scope of features
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Implementing a Fleet Management Solution

A first step to maximizing your ROI is to make sure your team is comfortable with the solution and they use it properly. Announce the solution and its features to your drivers before implementing. Make sure they are familiar with the tools and how & why this solution will be beneficial to them and the company.

When you implement a GPS solution correctly, and everyone is familiar with the features and use, the team feels empowered to do more with less.

“Its a simple enough solution that I figured most of it out on my own. Then, I had an over the phone training session where the experience was awesome, the lady I spoke to was friendly and showed me all kinds of GREAT features we use in the office every day,”

– Tammy L.


Some providers indirectly ask their customers and users to try to figure out how to utilize the solutions without guidance. The results are an incorrect use of the solution, misuses of features, low customer satisfaction and more likely an insignificant ROI.

Once your team knows about the implementation of the solution, they must go thru a training session; this will help them feel comfortable with the system, maximize the use of the features and reduce the time consumption and risk of errors.

Training is one of the most valuable benefits of Fleet Complete. You can take advantage of the weekly training webinars or schedule a one-on-one training session.

“Our drivers were very excited to have Fleet Complete installed in their trucks. For them, they love having a GPS because it makes them feel more connected to dispatch through email and text alerts. For us, we can identify areas where collection problems existed and ensure a smoother, more accountable workflow.”

– Marc Fournier, Operations Manager

Maximizing the features

Another way to increase the ROI is by taking advantage of all the features, one of them is maintenance management. By implementing a Fleet Tracker solution, managers can proactively manage the maintenance of the vehicles with highly customizable features. A maintenance management feature helps you to step ahead and keep track of your maintenance costs by vehicle, service type or other groupings, all this done in-house. By cutting out the cost of a maintenance provider and managing it yourself, your company can ensure that processes are streamlined.

Create guidelines, by creating maintenance guidelines and relying on an accrued service provider your company could be able to implement preventive maintenance when needed, this translates into cutting out unnecessary services, saving productive time and money for your business and providing safety to your employees.

Some companies develop uniform procedures to standardize operations as part of the ROI optimization. By implementing standard procedures such as vehicle levels (vehicles for company use or personal use), create an efficient incidents procedure or a safety program you will reduce costs and increase the ROI of the fleet management system in the long run.

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