Yasmina’s Volunteer Journey

While we have many incredible and significant success stories within the company, Yasmina’s journey is one we take a great deal of pride in. Yasmina started working at Fleet Complete in December 2016, when she was fresh out of school. She worked within the Human Resources team. There, she has become a pillar of conscientiousness, courtesy and care of all staff in the organization. Undoubtedly, she also learn to deal and flourish with problem-solving and dealing with clients and customers in the most genuine and respectful of manners. Yasmina was then promoted into Customer Enablement/Experience, where she has exercised many of her core strengths, and where she continues to thrive today.

“Fleet Complete has also enabled me to take additional specialized courses in Social Media, so that I can continue to enhance my skills, with continued education being another amazing opportunity of this company that I am grateful for. I feel like Fleet Complete has allowed me to pave my own way within my career and am looking forward to my future within the company.”

Yasmina now runs all of our social media interactions with clients and has been able to bring immense value to the business by doing some really cool online projects such as social media contests, sending PR boxes to loyal clients, and even building online training portals and websites for our global launches like those in Greece and Mexico. Yasmina has an educational background in interactive media, so it makes her proud that she is working in a capacity on the career track that she not only loves, but also constantly grows and learns in.

Now that you know all about Yasmina, lets learn more of what she has been up to within the organization, as of late, mainly her taking part in our Paid Volunteer Time-off Program. At Fleet Complete one of our Values is Community; we believe, the way we model and drive our business should be reflective and supportive of the communities we serve locally and all other communities in diverse regions globally. Our People value centers on ensuring our employees thrive and prosper in their lives inside and outside of work. One area where these two Values intersect is in our volunteer policy that allows employees to take one paid half-day off to volunteer for a cause close to them and one that supports a community in need. Yasmina shares her story below….

Yasmina (2)

I recently traveled to the Turks and Caicos Islands, and while the primary reason for my trip was a personal vacation, Fleet Complete was able to offer me a [half] day of volunteer paid time off to support a cause that really means a lot to me. I spent my day volunteering at Potcake Place, a nonprofit animal rescue charity run solely by volunteers on the islands. There I was responsible for taking one of their adorable rescue dogs for a walk to help get him socialized for adoption. I don’t think there could possibly be a better work day than taking a puppy to the beach. As an animal lover myself, this was the perfect opportunity to work with a cause that aligns deeply with my personal values, while still having the employer incentive of a paid [partial] work day. I am proud to work for a company that encourages their team to give back, and with employees all over the world, this is a great way for all of us to make a difference globally.

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