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Fleet Safety is a result of many factors. Factors like a properly maintained vehicle operated by a trained experienced driver who is fully rested and is attentive on the road are a few of the ideal conditions that minimize the rates of a driver or vehicle-related error. 

However, achieving perfect conditions while operating large heavy-duty transportation vehicles on roads that are occupied by various other drivers with different levels of experience may not always be a possibility. Hectic schedules and pressure to get the job done sooner may cause the vehicle to go out on the road with tires that are overdue for a change due to slipping service schedule, or the driver to misjudge how fast they are going with the added stress of rushing to complete the job. Conflicting priorities often times force not-ideal and potentially unsafe circumstances on truck drivers. And even though technology is not infallible, having redundancy in ensuring driver’s safety on the road helps facilitate safer fleet policies, accountability, and driver/fleet reputation on the road.

“When we went to the Fleet Complete system, we had about 4-5 tickets a week of DOT violations. Within a number of weeks we dropped that number by 50%. 3 years later and we dropped it close to 80%.”

– James Hinton, Health and Safety Manager at B&P Enterprises.

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“We would sometimes receive calls, telling us that our trucks were speeding on the interstate highway, and we felt the need to increase worker accountability with regards to bad driving habits. We wanted to know that our employees are honest, and that they are, where they say they are.”

– Shweta Hardy, Office Manager at Parrotta Paving

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“We immediately saw a reduction in the number of collisions. Pyramid Corporation has seen its collision rate drop by 75%. Since implementing Fleet Complete’s solution, only 1 out 12 vehicles has been involved in a minor collision, versus 1 out of 2 vehicles prior to its GPS tracking system.”

– Tim Kohlsmith, Security & Fleet Manager at Pyramid Corporation

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