Why Use a GPS Tracker?

What is GPS tracker for?

A GPS Tracking Device is a device whose main feature is to track any asset, from vehicles to mobile workforce, through cloud-computing that connects the tracker and its information, in this case, to the main Fleet Complete platform. This way, the tracker continuously sends its coordinates and other data to the portal and, with real-time data analysis, the manager knows exactly where all assets are at any given moment, how the driver is performing, the status of the vehicle and many other focal points, generated from the collected data.

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With recent development in the industry, GPS technology has been put on the spotlight in the market with regards to automotive and mobile workforce safety. The device not only alerts to theft, but also to timely vehicle maintenance, preventing unexpected en route breakdowns and expensive repairs, as well as adverse driving behaviour that contributes to road accidents, vehicle wear and tear, and higher insurance costs.

Who are the users?

The typical users of the GPS Fleet Tracker solution are business owners or managers of vehicle fleets, who would like to be able to swiftly locate and dispatch its employees to the job site, optimize  optimise routing to the destination, and thus bring efficiency to daily operations. This allows for time and money saving as well as protecting high-value assets from being lost or stolen.  

Gain More Control Over Budgets And Expenses.

What are the benefits of implementing GPS fleet tracking?

We have shortlisted the key advantages of using a GPS vehicle tracking system to demonstrate how one will benefit from it:

  • Have complete visibility over the location of your assets, vehicles and the routes taken by the drivers.
  • Ensure safety of your drivers by monitoring vehicle health and hours of service to prevent on-road fatigue.
  • See economies of scale by saving on fuel expenses with route optimization optimisation and monitoring unnecessary idling.
  • Keep an eye on the correct use of your vehicles (route, speed, harsh breaking, or unauthorized unauthorised activity).
  • Prevent theft or loss of your high-value assets.
  • Have a track record that accurately reflects the actions of your employees. This data will help you detect issues, determine possible solutions and even support your driver’s innocence in case of an accident for insurance purposes.

Tracking your fleet will allow you to make smarter business decisions, improve day-to-day productivity, cater better customer service to your clients and gain more control over budgets and expenses.

Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about GPS tracking and see what the system can do for your business!

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