FAQs: How Are Fleet Complete Supporting Customers During COVID-19?

As we continue to serve and support our global customers and partners, Fleet Complete is monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely and building upon the response and recommendations of government agencies and public health authorities around the world.

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Is Fleet Complete impacted by the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak?

To ensure the ongoing support and services to our customers and partners, Fleet Complete has activated a Business Continuity Plan.

As part of that plan, we have a dedicated Management Team that is monitoring rapid developments around COVID-19, while safeguarding the continuity of our business processes.

COVID-19 Management Team is monitoring the situation very closely and provides direction and guidance, based on the advice from government agencies and public health authorities around the world, as well as municipal and local authorities.

In situations like these, Fleet Complete moves quickly to take action to minimise potential risk for employees, partners and customers.

How is Fleet Complete protecting its employees from exposure to COVID-19?

Fleet Complete employees have been working from home, using our cloud-based systems to maintain ‘business as usual’ as much as we can.

This work-from-home transition has posed little to no business disruption. All our tools and systems remain fully operational during this period. The health, safety and security of our employees, customers and partners have always been our top priority.

We have put in place strong measures to help protect our employees. Aligned with the latest advice, provided by the World Health Organization and local medical authorities, we have eliminated business travel for all Fleet Complete employees globally until further notice. We have also cancelled our participation in several events globally.

Are Fleet Complete’s in-field installation teams affected by COVID -19?

Fleet Complete continues to fulfill orders, meeting the needs of partners, customers and the business.

Our in-field installation teams continue their operations as normal, while following the recommended health and safety precautions, advised by government health agencies worldwide.

We are continuing to install, onboard, train and provide technical support, in accordance with our regular business operations.

You can reach out to our Sales, Customer Success and Support teams for any questions or concerns you might have.

How are Fleet Complete’s Technical Support Services impacted by COVID-19?

For the time being, our services to customers are operating as usual, except in areas where official restrictions are in place that prevent us from physically accessing a customer or partner site.

We continue to support our customers during this unprecedented time through online tools, offering online demos of our platform and solutions, according to customer needs. 

Our global network of Technical Support enables us to continue providing remote support to sites that do not permit physical access.

You can find all contact information for Technical Support globally by going to https://www.fleetcomplete.com/technical-support/

How does the Coronavirus outbreak impact Fleet Complete’s supply chain?

Fleet Complete has a well-established Supply Chain Management process, which is working to assess and act on critical activities to restore operations to normal levels and mitigate further impact to the business.

Fleet Complete continually monitors our supply chain for issues that may impact our operations, working closely with our suppliers to assess and minimise any potential effect.


Do you have more questions? Please contact us directly.


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