Department of Defense drives into the 21st century

Fleet Complete brings Fleet Sharing to the market, an innovative product that enabled the Department of Defense to achieve a major efficiency increase in its car fleet.

Many organizations struggle with an inefficient car fleet; service vehicles that either stand still or make too many miles. By reorganizing the car fleet, major savings can be achieved.

The sharing economy results in initiatives like Greenwheels, Car2Go and Snappcar springing up like mushrooms. A turnaround in the thinking process of businesses is also taking place, from making available cars to making available mobility.

Klaas Collet says: “In many organizations it concerns an operational process that is not felt to be primary. In businesses you often hear: ‘we prefer dealing with the customer.’ Understandable, but the car fleet is often a considerable expense where large savings can be made through fleet sharing.’

In recent years awareness has grown within the business market that vehicles that are not at all or hardly used put undue pressure on budgets, environment and space. This does not rhyme well with concepts like corporate social responsibility, CO2 neutral and cost-efficient entrepreneurship.

Fleet Sharing enables organizations to optimize the size and efficiency of their car fleets. Advanced reservation software, stabile vehicle registration and unlocking hardware enable access to the car fleet to users for defined periods.

This year Fleet Sharing will be implemented in a whopping 4800 cars of the Department of Defense. A considerable project during which the product was made perfect, especially in the areas of security and ease of use. There was a sizable set of requirements that was fulfilled and the Department of Defense set the operational reliability at 99%.

Collet: “Within the Department of Defense the decision had a huge logistical consequence; on a daily basis 30 cars are converted that have to come from somewhere. But it is doable and it is taken care of with a very small team.”

Project manager Pooling Non-Operational Service Traffic (Poolen Niet Operationeel Dienstvervoer (PNOD)), lieutenant-colonel Jaap de Graaf about the collaboration: “The experience that we have seen from Fleet Complete, the flexibility, the thinking in solutions and in connecting systems really is a major bonus. During testing we always came to acceptable solutions. I don’t feel I am facing a supplier, but somebody who is prepared to adjust his system in such a way that we are both satisfied. In the end such a process revolves around trust, experience and quality.”

Fleet Complete sees the Department of Defense as trailblazer in the market and foresees that fleet sharing will gain in popularity in the coming years.

For more than fifteen years Fleet Complete has developed hour and trip registration systems for field employees. By supplying 100% reliable and factual information, Fleet Complete makes organizations more transparent and efficient.

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