The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate has been in the spot light for quite some time, are you ready?

As the first implementation stage deadline of December 18, 2017 approaches, the pressure for the trucking industry is on.

With all the confusion and myths floating around the ELD mandate, it’s easy to get lost. How do you know what solution will fit your business? What tools do you need to have in place to become compliant with the law? What’s the difference between ELOGs, AOBRDs and ELDs?

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ELD Webinar Fleet Complete Now available online.

Knowledge is power when it comes to picking the right ELD solution; that’s why Fleet Complete experts prepared an informative web session to walk you through the ELD mandate requirements. They will explain when your business needs to get compliant and when not, and address the type of solution you need to have in place to tick all the legal boxes.

Fleet Complete Webinar: ELOGs, AOBRDs and ELDs – What’s the difference?

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What you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • Whether or not you need to worry about complying with the ELD mandate
  • What the difference is between Elogs, ELDs, and AOBRDs
  • Which devices will be compliant after the December 2017 mandate deadline
  • Which devices are mandated by the FMCSA
  • How to take advantage of 2 extra years after the ELD mandate deadline

If you are looking for the right ELD solution (or already have one, but considering to switch your provider) you will not want to miss on this value-packed webinar. Fleet Complete will take the confusion out of the ELD mandate and provide you with the answers you need to make the best decision for your business.

To read more on the ELD mandate, please see the following resources:

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