How Small Businesses Benefit From Carsharing

Since the introduction of the “sharing economy” through early trendsetters like Uber and Airbnb, it has become one of the fastest-growing business trends in modern history.

The carsharing market has exploded in the past decade, maintaining around a 16.4% annual growth rate since 2010. With this steady and consistent growth, it’s expected that 36 million users will be leveraging car sharing—either personally or professionally—by 2025.

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As carsharing continues to grow, businesses are beginning to leverage the trend and implement it into the corporate landscape. This can be extremely beneficial for smaller companies, as they face unique challenges that carsharing can help solve, such as reduced overhead, smaller budgets, and limited resources.

This blog post will outline the specific ways that carsharing helps smaller businesses overcome their obstacles and streamline operations.

Increase Employee Mobility

The first benefit that carsharing provides small businesses is employee mobility. Corporate carsharing enables these companies to offer their employees a better transportation solution, particularly for any employees who do not have a company car but need to be mobile. In this way, employees can save costs and time.

For small businesses that often have fewer staff members, increasing transportation efficiency means fewer vehicle purchases and lower costs associated with them, like fuel and maintenance.

Increase Efficiency & Cost Savings

Carsharing not only offers better mobility for staff and more efficient vehicle use, but it also reduces the total cost of mobility by up to 30%.

Since carsharing helps deploy vehicles with maximum rotation, companies can save on parking space and gain valuable insights on vehicle usage patterns, enabling better budgeting.

Optimizing the use of resources is a hot topic across the board – for businesses big and small. Fleets are expensive to maintain, and even if vehicles are not being driven daily, they still cost money in upkeep that could be better spent in other areas.

Optimization is especially beneficial for small businesses with potentially limited capital.

Carsharing offers a cost-effective, sustainable way to reduce vehicle management costs while maintaining employee mobility. It allows you to right-size your fleet, put idle vehicles to use, and unburden financial budgets.

Get More Benefits with a Digital Solution for Carsharing

A dedicated carsharing solution empowers employees to independently book a vehicle when they need it. They can create reservations and receive notifications about upcoming bookings directly from their smartphone. Employees can access the app wherever they are and see a full overview of available and reserved vehicles.

A keyless entry feature allows access to a vehicle through an app or a key tag, so that your employees can get into a vehicle with a personalized RFID.

Having a dedicated solution, like Fleet Complete Carsharing, means no cumbersome Excel spreadsheets or Google docs. It is automated and accurate, making your carsharing pool extremely easy to use and report on.

Maximum use of your vehicles, transparency, and automation allows staying economical and fiscally responsible as a small business, especially when just starting out.

A small, white carsharing vehicle on the road during the day.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Carsharing reports offer the key insights you’re looking for to make those critical business decisions.

Many companies fall victim to purchasing too many cars, and those resources are often less than fully exploited. However, a clear overview of fleet usage provides the insight needed to help reduce unnecessary costs and improve your company’s bottom line.

For example, Fleet Complete’s Carsharing solution provides extensive analytics tools to help you understand the actual usage of your company’s vehicles and see if there are vehicles that underutilized, so that you can either repurpose them or put them on the market for sale.

Automated reporting not only significantly cuts down on administration – and billable time – but also eliminates human error. This way there are not revisions, giving you the confidence you need to make data-driven decisions.

As an added benefit to lowering your monthly costs, you’ll also be able to be environmentally responsible, better managing your company’s carbon footprint. This will also translate to a better brand image and a healthier reputation.

Fleet Complete’s Carsharing Solution

The sharing economy is especially relevant and is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future. Small businesses need the right tools that help them leverage the sharing economy, while keeping their operating costs low.

Fleet Complete’s Carsharing mobile app offers the tools needed for success. It includes:

  • A complete vehicle booking system
  • Availability notifications and automatic alerts
  • Keyless entry into the vehicle with RFID
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for complete visibility across the company

Removing the need to keep Excel spreadsheets and web calendars that can be error-prone, Carsharing does all of the administrative work for you and displays which vehicles are available at any given moment.

The in-app booking system will suggest to users the closest available vehicle upon request and pinpoint its location on a web map for easy pickup with their driver ID card.

If you want to learn more about our car sharing solution, request a demo today to tell our experts about your goals.


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