With the start of 2017, trends display an increase fuel price in North America. Companies are looking to brace for higher energy costs. It is estimated that $355 Billion dollars will be spent on gasoline in the U.S alone, which is $52 billion more than last year. In fact, experts expect gas prices to spike to around $3 a gallon at some point next year. Currently, the U.S average is $2.21 per gallon, but OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) has revealed their decision to boost oil prices by cutting oil production globally. Fleet Complete has been keeping up with these trends and is keen to address the need for fuel saving solutions for small to medium businesses.

With gas prices rising, fleet-owning businesses need to look out for more innovative ways to lower fuel consumption. Using solutions like a GPS tracker can help you monitor and influence key contributing factors of fuel waste and set you fleet expenses on a corrective course. Statistics have shown, companies that implemented this technology have lowered fuel costs by up to 30%.

Using fleet monitoring solutions will render the following fuel-saving benefits:

  1. Improve Driver Behavior

With the integration of solutions like Fleet Tracker, you can measure key driver data such as speeding, breaking, cornering, idling and rapid acceleration, which contribute to excessive fuel consumption.  By coaching your drivers to reduce these adverse behaviors you can greatly improve both your driver’s safety and lower fuel waste.

  1. Optimize Routing

Winter weather is known to cause more delays, making it essential to know the best route at all times. A fleet tracking solution will assist in recognizing the most optimal route in all weather conditions and, as a result, you will see lower fuel consumption.

  1. Control Speeding and Idling

Speeding and idling have been statistically shown to be the biggest factor in fuel waste. By monitoring when your driver speeds and idles you can set specific goals and strategies to change this behavior. On top of it, you will be able to keep your vehicle in better condition longer.

  1. Easy Reporting

With customizable reporting tailored to your company’s needs, vital information can be administered with ease.  Fleet Tracker reports provide your management team with visibility into all in-field operations, giving opportunity to trim down excess and better allocate resources where needed. This way, you will be able to boost profits and see economies of scale.

With the assistance of a GPS tracking device, you will see a real difference in your fleet’s fuel consumption. Reports illustrate sensor readings, recorded events, and interactions, which will organize your fleet management for leaner operations and help determine factors that cause fuel waste.

2017 is bring steeper oil prices and it is crucial for small and medium size businesses to find better ways to manage their operation costs. By closely monitoring certain detrimental factors and coaching your drivers to progress their driving skillset, your fleet will gain a competitive advantage and curb fuel waste. With valuable insight on your fleet, you will be able to manage your logistic goals this year and in the future.    

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