New feature now available: More detailed maintenance scheduling

Any manager appreciates the value of regular servicing for their fleet assets.

Not only is a strict schedule an essential component of your business’s duty of care—because unserviced vehicles allow small issues to snowball into serious safety hazards—but there’s also a very attractive cost benefit to getting your servicing schedule just right. You’ll minimize unnecessary incidents, costly repairs and vehicle downtime.

Unfortunately, the best intentions don’t always translate into a well-oiled business machine. Perhaps you’ve been relying on manual processes where human error is common. Maybe your team isn’t aware how they can make best use of their software, and so crucial information is being lost. Or it could be that with rapid expansion comes the need for ongoing updates, that your current software can’t provide. This is how accidents happen, and you can be held accountable.

Fleet Complete’s latest software update (2019.3.2) enables users to better set, edit and deliver servicing across their fleet—whether it comprises a few vehicles or a few thousand. This means managers can be confident that nothing is slipping through the cracks, and that their vehicles are always in the best possible condition when out on the road.

Here’s how:

  1. Set specific reminders

A vehicle will be deemed due for a service when it has reached its predetermined distance, time or engine hours threshold, and an email notification will be sent to the appropriate person. Thanks to Fleet Complete’s new software update, additional vehicle-specific information will now be included in this email alert, such as asset vehicle identification number (VIN) and registration or license plate number, making identification easier and streamlining the servicing process.

 Service Reminder


  1. Update service plans

Service reminder setupA single service plan line on your maintenance dashboard can be as simple or as detailed as you need it to be. It may be a single asset, or it may encompass a whole segment of your fleet. Over time, your servicing needs may change as you acquire new assets, replace old ones, and refine your preventative maintenance process.

It’s now simple to make updates to a service plan. You can choose to change a plan from a once-off to a repeat service, with the next being due at a stipulated distance, date, or when a certain number of engine hours is reached (or whichever comes first).

You can also quickly update your reminder preferences along each of these three factors. Perhaps you want an alert 10 days before the next service is due, or 50km/30miles. It’s up to you, and can make planning for vehicle downtime much easier.

And finally, you can add or remove items included in your service plan with a click. That means it’s easy to add new assets or replace old ones, without having to build up new service plans from scratch.


  1. Report on more measures

Upon completion of a service, you can either simply click ‘Done’, or you can now opt to click the ‘Other’ toggle which will invite you to enter more detailed information for your records, such as reference/invoice number, time taken, cost, and any additional comments.

Service Reminder Complete

Monitoring fleet health over time needn’t be a headache, thanks to Fleet Complete’s software. Let an expert on our team get to know your business, and guide you through a quick and easy setup so that you never have to worry about a missed service again.


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