Fleet Complete and the Arctic Challenge Tour 2017

Tracking 34 teams over the course of 9 days and 7000 kilometers in sub-zero conditions.

Organized and televised in the Netherlands, the Arctic Challenge is an annual tour that brings into the limelight the experience of driving in extreme weather conditions to a destination beyond the Arctic Circle. It involves 34 teams navigating the harsh terrain of the Scandinavian outback, testing their driving skills, finding the best routes, and building comradery.

To help organizers implement a continuous live coverage of participant trips and ensure safety, Fleet Complete has become a proud sponsor of the event, providing Fleet Tracker GPS devices for each vehicle.

Arctic Challenge Tour 2015 photo.

Starting sponsorship in 2015 .The Arctic Challenge is far from a holiday tour and is not for the fainthearted. It brings together those who share passion for skillful driving and would like to put it to the test in the most unwelcoming conditions.

In the Scandinavian north, temperatures can drop to -40°C, and the prevailing snow and ice complicate things further even for the most seasoned drivers. To crown this challenge, teams have to figure out on daily basis the most optimal route to each of the checkpoints communicated to them by the organizers at particular stages.

Despite its competitive edge, this tour is not a race; it’s a challenge that focuses on skill, apt navigation and endurance. The aim is to complete a route leg in the shortest amount of time or distance safely, while always respecting the local speed limits. Severe or repeated speed limit violations can result in disqualification.

As a result, all participants are monitored in real-time with Fleet Complete’s GPS tracking system that reports any adverse driving behaviour and provides live route views for the daily team rankings. This also allows the organizers to take action if a team is experiencing problems, ensuring optimal safety for everyone. All interested parties can view each team’s activity live on internet, including the participants themselves.

The Arctic Challenge is a great tribute to a special breed of drivers, for whom a vehicle is an extension of themselves. The chance to push themselves to the limits and prove their dexterity requires a remote place, where driving is not a common phenomenon.

Crossing the 7,000 km stretch of the Scandinavian outback in a span of 9 days enduring the harsh arctic climate tests all boundaries of body and mind. Yet it is an adventure to miss out on if you are a true car lover.

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