Have you got a truly scalable solution?

The business environment is an ever-changing beast; its unpredictable nature is a constant challenge for any company. Whether it be market volatility, or your own business growth, you need a scalable approach to adjust to any change.

With the requirements of your business differing from one day to the next, you need your GPS vehicle tracking device to be able to adapt. Currently in the market, while most GPS vehicle tracking companies claim to have a scalable solution, you will often find it is not simple to add or remove certain capabilities. It is not uncommon that you will need to replace the current device with another that has more features and functionality. This becomes both expensive, having to purchase new hardware, and time-consuming, as the install process has to start over again.

What defines a scalable solution is software that is expanded and upgraded without the need to replace the core device, regardless of what features or functionality you are after.

Plug and play hardware IOX fleet management software with ECM connection for vehicle diagnostics.

IOX (Input/Output Executive) technology

Third party ‘Plug & Play’ technology

The ability to easily integrate with third party devices in order to expand the overarching solution makes a great point of difference in a product on the market. Some providers will have some of the most avant-garde feature sets, however would still require removing your entire current solution and replacing it with a new one through a costly installation process.

Using advanced future-proof IOX (Input/Output Executive) technology enables you to add and remove capabilities at any time, based on your current business requirements thanks to the ‘plug & play’ expandability option.

Settings selection menu.

Be able to add auxiliary features, as you need them

Scale to only what you need

Further to the ability to expand, a truly flexible solution would also allow you to upgrade your feature set on demand without having to purchase a new version of the device. This would mean you can scale a solution according to your immediate business needs. As an example, you could acquire a base unit for GPS vehicle tracking to experience what it can offer, and then, as you grow as a business, you can add auxiliary features, as you need them.

With the ability to turn these features on and off via the software means that you are saving the time and costs of having to replace the device every time you need an upgrade.

Pindrop on a phone map symbolic of Truck GPS for telematics software.

Automatic fleet performance insights

Next-level automation

Automation of labour-intensive, time-consuming processes is one of the key advantages of using technology in today’s competitive market, as the customer demand for faster services grows exponentially. The next level of automation comes with real-time feedback and data flow, provided via your GPS vehicle tracking solution, and allows you to drive better insights into fleet and business performance on a minute-by-minute basis.

With today’s sophisticated GPS trackers, you have access to real-time information on every vehicle’s location in your fleet, diver behaviour patterns, estimated delivery times, route-optimising route-optimizing navigation, fuel economy, and instant two-way communication between your dispatch team and the drivers. You can customise customize reports on any fleet metric and go deeper into your business performance in order to improve your ROI.

On top of that, your drivers would have real-time in-cab feedback on adverse driving habits such as cornering, speeding, and idling, which can potentially be detrimental to your employee safety, business expenses and your company’s reputation. Consider fuel and repair costs that are inadvertently incurred by aggressive driving and long periods of idling, and which can easily be improved by having an electronic coach on the road.

Having a truly scalable solution for your vehicle fleet will deliver hassle-free results and will future-proof your business. It is important to recognise recognize when your current solution or a prospective one cannot meet the needs of a changeable business environment and will require continuous investment into upgrades.

To find out more about scalable GPS vehicle tracking solutions, visit our Fleet Tracker page, or reach out to us with questions at 1-800-220-0779.

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