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Fleet Complete is a big family with a lot of entrepreneurial spirits. If you have the opportunity to interview with us, you might have what it takes to be a part of the team. Here are some helpful tips to follow during your Fleet Complete Interview:

Be yourself

Hiring Managers and the HR team are looking for individuals who know themselves well enough to know what makes them successful. Always be prepared to share real life experiences that highlight your strengths. Don’t hesitate to speak about your weaknesses but make sure to share the steps you are taking to address potential areas of improvement. Remember, no one is perfect. Being able to speak about the good and the bad demonstrates self-awareness, confidence, and honesty – all of which are highly valued characteristics and ones that will make you stand out.

Have a focus

It’s best to present and narrow in on the areas that you know best. Catering yourself to multiple and very different roles in the organization presents you as not being selective and not having a goal or focus. Hiring Managers tend to prefer someone who knows a lot about several functions and how to work with multiple teams, but appreciate when candidates have a dedicated focus or expertise in 1-2 niche areas.

Have a goal

You may be asked during your interview – “Where do you see yourself in 1 – 3 or 3 – 5 years?” It’s always a tough question to answer. Know that you are not expected to have one particular Title in mind, and sometimes a focus on one role alone will make you seem too focused on position/ rank. Rather, concentrate your response on the type of experiences you wish to gain exposure to and what growth looks like to you.

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