Tapping Out Gold

In our industry, we often talk about roads. Road safety, road checks, road trips, wet roads, international road regulations and so on. We know old roads, new roads, gravel roads, high roads and low ones too. We’d like to change the tune a bit. We’d like to share a story about another road, an inspiring one. A road of achievement that made a little part of Canada proud.


Suzanne Webb has been with Fleet Complete for a few years now. Today, she is the Global Director of Customer Enablement. Day in and day out, she helps her team provide guidance and support to customers on an international scale. No small feat, considering the company’s accelerated growth!

This year, it was Fleet Complete’s turn to show support for someone who wanted to go from local to global. Suzanne’s teenage daughter, Tristan, wanted to test her red tapping shoes on an international stage and travel with her tap team to the World Dance Event in Sitges, Spain this past June.

World Performers Canada for tap dancing.

It was an unbeaten path for Canada, as it has never been represented at this event. However, in 2018, World Performers Canada was determined to put our nation on the listing for Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary and Tap dance disciplines.

The road to Spain is costly though. A member of the Junior Large Group Tap Team, Tristan needed some financial support to take advantage of this unique opportunity and compete in Spain. Fleet Complete was happy to step in with $1000 to sponsor her journey to represent Team Canada in the event.

Top Large Group Award for tap dancing at World Dance Event in Sitges, Spain.

Expecting little but the pleasure of international experience and participation among 20 different countries, Canadian dance teams brought back 26 medals! Tristan brought back gold and silver medals with her team, including Top Large Group Award from the pool of gold medalists.

After her trip, she regaled us with a small performance in our head office as a thank you and it was very moving moment. It’s a moment of pride to think about a part of our community – Torontonian and Canadian – to go out there and follow the yellow brick road: to have dreams, set goals and follow them to fruition.

Canadian tap dance team.

All roads are different, but it’s the ones that have been travelled that count. We are very proud of Tristan and her achievements and wish her and the World Performers Canada all the best in the future competitions on the world stage.

Award-winning choreography by Jay T. Shramek


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