How Carsharing Helps Businesses Lower Costs & Reduce Emissions

Carsharing web dashboard on computer. The new sharing economy has disrupted several industries with lightning speed and has become a common concept today. Whether it’s posting your apartment for rent to city visitors for a few days, or finding a better urban commute model that allows to carpool, these new collaborative consumption and asset-sharing models are booming all around the globe. 

The sharing economy is especially relevant to transportation companies as well as to heavy users of transportation services. Deloitte GmbH published a report, stating that carsharing is a key aspect of future mobility, and the market is committed to offering personal convenience and social improvement.

The carsharing has spread even at a corporate level, and many companies have started their own Corporate Carsharing service to offer convenient mobility solution to all employees – even to those who do not have a corporate car assigned.

A survey conducted by Fleet Europe and Global Fleet suggests that by 2020, almost 73% of international fleets will offer carsharing. The big breakthrough will come over the course of the next three years, when a total of 43% companies will start offering carsharing.

There are several reasons and motivators why companies want to introduce carsharing in their organizations. The number one motivator is the ability to optimize fleet operations and reduce costs related to fleet management. Another important motivator is reducing carbon footprint by putting fewer vehicles on the road and becoming more environmentally responsible.

1. Flexibility for employees

Corporate carsharing enables companies to offer their employees a better mobility solution, particularly for those employees who do not have a company car, but need to be mobile. In this way, employees can save costs and time.

The flexibility of booking vehicles when needed has made these services a major hit among employees. From the fleet manager’s point of view, this is an opportunity to streamline their fleet operations and make optimal use of every vehicle.

2. Saving costs

Carsharing not only offers better mobility for staff and more efficient vehicle use, but also reduces the total cost of mobility by up to 30%.

Since most of the vehicles are deployed with maximum rotation, companies are able to save on parking slot space and gain valuable insights on vehicle usage patterns, which enables better budgeting.

Optimizing the use of resources is a hot topic across the board. Fleets are expensive to maintain, and even if vehicles are not being driven daily, they’re still costing money in upkeep that could be better spent in other areas.

Car sharing offers a cost-effective, sustainable way to reduce vehicle management costs while maintaining employee mobility. It allows to right-size your fleet, put idle vehicles to use, unburden financial budgets and reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Less traffic on the roads

Stress from heavy traffic is a major contributor to health issues like migraines. With a single shared vehicle replacing up to 15 vehicles on the roads, corporate carpooling is sure to help reduce congestion.
It is also, perhaps, one of the easiest ways to reduce carbon emissions, while, at the same time, helping the company fulfill its corporate social responsibility by providing sustainable mobility.

Carsharing app on mobile phone.
4. Always with you

Fleet Complete offers Fleet Sharing in Europe for internal vehicle reservation among employees, and the stats show that businesses see 30% more fleet efficiency and better budgeting through this optimization.

The mobile application allows your employees to conveniently create reservations from their smartphone and get notifications about their upcoming and changed bookings in a timely manner. It even creates events automatically in your Outlook and Google calendars, to keep you up to date of all bookings.

5. Keyless entry

Shared company cars are, normally, spread out over multiple car parking lots. The driver has to walk long distances to pick up the keys and then find the right parking lot.

The Fleet Complete’s Fleet Sharing enables drivers to lock and unlock the vehicle with their smartphone or RFID, which means they no longer need a traditional mechanical key. Furthermore, the system makes sure that only authorized persons with an active reservation can access the vehicle. The doors open only when the right card is presented.

6. Data-driven decisions

Fleet Complete’s Fleet Sharing gives your fleet operators and managers extensive analytics tools to understand the actual usage of company’s vehicles, automate reporting, reduce human error, and make data-driven decisions to lower the costs and carbon footprint.

Majority of companies are purchasing too many cars, and those resources are often less than fully exploited. Fleet Complete’s corporate carsharing solution gives a clear overview of the fleet usage and, thanks to this possibility, you can reduce unnecessary costs.

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