Thinking About Delaying Your ELD Compliance? Think Again!

ELDs… “I have heard the buzz, and we are testing systems, but we haven’t pulled the trigger yet.” Or “I decided to run until we get caught and use the 8-day repair excuse.” Does that sound like you?

If you just recognized yourself, read on to find out why you are risking not meeting the deadline on such a short notice or, worse yet, receive an “out of service” order, until you have the ELD devices installed.

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Reality check – run-up to the deadline will be chaotic

The ELD mandate first implementation deadline is fast approaching. In fact, it takes place in less than 27 days, and it is not going anywhere. What the industry is seeing right now is that only 40% of fleets, running five to 100 tractors, are compliant today or have started the process of installing ELDs.

“Think about it. 30 working days left for 60% of small fleets to take action, or face fines and safety violations until April 1.” – Kevin Hill, CarrierLists – (Drivers and fleets won’t be put out of service for not having ELDs until that date.)

8-day repair excuse trap. What’s the catch?

Some carriers have the idea that the 8-day period to repair the ELD device might give them some cover when stopped. However, this will be difficult in reality, as the U. S. Code of Federal Regulations, paragraph 395.34(d) states that the vehicle would already have had a device installed, and it failed.

“If a motor carrier receives or discovers information concerning the malfunction of an ELD, the motor carrier must take actions to correct the malfunction of the ELD within 8 days of discovery of the condition or a driver’s notification to the motor carrier, whichever occurs first.” – U. S. Code of Federal Regulations, paragraph 395.34(d) (available online)

The real consequences of not complying? Not only will you have to install an ELD, you will have missed a unique opportunity to implement an AOBRD system, which is more flexible and presents a great way to transition to ELD by 2019. You may also have an “out of service” order until you have the ELD devices installed, including a hefty fine. Moreover, what if you have an accident while in violation?

Do you have time for all of that?

“Customers are concerned about what enforcement will be post-Dec. 18, and worried if they are too late already, because installer networks are getting strapped – we’re hearing two- and three-week waiting times.”

– Daren Lauda , Teletrac Navman

Do not get caught up in demand-supply issues. Act now!

It’s not just a matter of getting the devices set up and running. FMCSA compliance is a complex process that requires not only buying the actual devices, but also making sure that the vendor can fulfill the order on time. A technician will need to be scheduled in advance to get the devices installed in every truck, and, in addition to that, carriers will need to implement ELD-specific procedures and policies, including driver training on the ELD mandate rules. Knowing that there is less than a month left to get it organized, you might have already realized it will not be an easy task.

Today, some vendors are so overwhelmed with orders, that they refuse to give demos, advising prospective clients to look up the needed information online.

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Get on the Road to Compliance with the #1 ELD

The ELD mandate is here to stay. The Fleet Complete ELD solution, powered by BigRoad, is fully certified and will ensure your fleet’s regulatory compliance, allowing you to get ahead of the milestone deadlines and avoid any supply-demand issues.

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