It is no secret that Alberta’s economy is facing the largest growth in unemployment and the fastest revenue decline in many decades. Crude oil prices have plummeted below $30 and is creating financial havoc, for both industries directly and indirectly related to oil exploration and service.

The theft of smaller assets is becoming a daily occurrence. At Fleet Complete, many customers use both, vehicle and asset tracking devices, to ensure vehicles are monitored and thefts are prevented. In fact, in 2015, over $1 million dollars of stolen equipment was recovered in Alberta alone through Fleet Complete’s GPS fleet tracking services.

Fence around parking lot.

For example, many fleets are largely parked in local or remote locations and a geo-fence rule by Fleet Complete’s fleet tracker can be used to instantly alert users as to when an asset leaves a property. Similarly, costly equipment such as ATVs, generators, light towers, trailers, skid steer, excavating equipment can be monitored by Fleet Complete’s asset management system to ensure theft prevention.

Even in a time when gas prices trail under $0.70, businesses need to be wary of fuel consumption and overall kilometers driven on their fleet. When there is no regular nightly driving of the company’s fleet, customers can utilize a work schedule and email notification if these vehicles are either started or driven over a certain timeframe or distance. By limiting the overall driving of vehicles, the assets will have a longer life span and will save fuel costs. On average, we know Fleet Complete’s customers have cut fuel consumption by more than 10%.

Controlling speed of a vehicle is the easiest way to reduce fuel consumption, lengthen tire life, reduce maintenance costs, and limit corporate liability for field workers. Through Fleet Complete vehicle tracking devices, customers can set realistic speed limits and monitor driver behaviour through scheduled speed reports. Graphical navigation path viewing of a driver’s day also allows our customers to manage and rectify poor driving habits by their employees.

Moreover, Fleet Complete and Intact Insurance have partnered to offer great benefits to customers who have Fleet Tracker modems and Intact insurance. This allows customers to reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, improve driver safety and provide better customer service, while simultaneously offering potential insurance savings.

Finally, many businesses in the oil and gas sector have been able to reduce their headcount considerably over the past 12 months through Fleet Complete. The vehicle tracker allows for quick and easy lone worker compliance, managing more employees over a wider area and maximizing efficiency of the remaining vehicles and staff. Maximizing an employee’s billable hour per week will provide an ROI of over 300% for most businesses.

In these turbulent economic times, contact Fleet Complete find out your business can remain competitive through improved driver safety, reduced expenses and asset theft prevention.

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