Beyond Traditional Tracking: Creative Uses of GPS Technology: Water

In the “Beyond Traditional Tracking” series we continue to bring you real-life examples of how our clients are using Fleet Complete products in unexpected ways.

Powerboats & Aquabikes

Power boat competition BKOffshore.

In Europe, Fleet Complete recently concluded a partnership with BKOffshore ‘Belgian Championship Offshore Powerboats & Aquabikes’. You might think – boats?

Yes, we have equipped powerboats and aquabikes that participate in European races with our Fleet Trackers! Now, the location of the racing boats can be followed via our online platform during the competition by the organisation as well as the audience. Let’s see who finishes first!

Got a business that simply wants to outrun the competition on the market? No worries, no need to enter a race just get one of our trackers to get ahead. Our solutions are versatile and suitable for any company that operates on land or water.

Imagine you have a boat rental company, or just one or more boats yourself. With our GPS trackers, you always know the location of your boat, even if you are not physically present in the port. Power boat at the dock on water.

In addition to our track and trace solution, Asset Trackers are also ideal theft prevention for boats and aquabikes that are often very expensive and cannot be supervised at all times. If you want to prevent them from being stolen, simply slap one of our AT1 or AT1 Solar trackers and monitor any unauthorized movement outside the defined perimeter remotely.

You can safely place an AT1 on your boat with a watertight casing. You can then pre-set when you want to be notified on your dedicated Fleet Complete web dashboard. You’ll be notified when doors are opened or the location of your boat or aquabike changes, as well as other important events that may indicate that your boat or aquabike is being damaged or stolen.

Have you used Fleet Complete products in creative ways?

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