Saying goodbye is hard to do

Mike Vu and Santanu Sarker were our co-op students over the January-April 2016 work term. They recently returned to school to continue their studies at University of Waterloo, but their accomplishments have left a lasting impression on our company. Over the course of their last few days, they summarized their accomplishments in a presentation to the company and highlighted the impact they made on Fleet Complete. Among the exposure to new technologies that they gained in their roles, they were also able to work on large projects and improve functions and processes through their coding and programming strengths.

Fleet Complete Staff in a meeting room discussion between truck management software specialists.

“As a Fleet Complete employee, you will not only be part of a team of dedicated, smart and passionate people, but you will also experience all the advantages of working for an industry leader.”

– Tony Lourakis , CEO of Fleet Complete

Both students mentioned that they felt they made an impact on the organization and we can confirm that their innovation and creativity has brought strength to their team, the System Development Specialist group, who helped to foster their growth and development along the way. 

Congrats to our wonderful co-op students – we’re sure our paths will cross again in the future.

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