How Carsharing Can Help Your Company Cut Costs

Carsharing is transforming transportation and mobility. It not only offers crucial environmental benefits but also an effective means of reducing a company’s operating costs.

More and more businesses are starting to embrace carsharing as they realize the corporate benefits for their bottom line and their employees. By 2024, the global carsharing market is expected to value 11 billion dollars with more than 35 million users.

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With corporate carsharing on the rise, this post will outline its key benefits and how it ultimately helps cut costs and increase your bottom line.

Achieve More with Fewer Vehicles

Corporate carsharing ensures better utilization of company cars to achieve more with fewer vehicles. This is becoming more important as vehicle prices continue to rise over time – including the average price of a new car up by 22.3% since 2009.

A line graph showing the change in price of a new car compared to the change in average wages from 2009-2016.

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Since carsharing helps deploy vehicles with maximum rotation, companies do not need to have as many vehicles on hand. This saves money on the initial cost of purchasing a new vehicle and added costs that come along with it, such as parking and fuel.

Another costly expense to consider is maintenance. Even if vehicles are not being driven daily, they still cost money in upkeep that could be better spent in other areas.

With the ability to better utilize your vehicles and reduce the costs associated with having an unnecessarily large fleet, carsharing helps increase savings and your bottom line.

Create a Mobility Ecosystem Within Your Company

Corporate carsharing enhances employee mobility while helping them save time and money. It offers workers a better transportation solution, particularly for anyone who does not have a company car but needs to be mobile.

Dedicated solutions create a lot of efficiency in implementing a carsharing ecosystem internally within your company. Using in-app solution like Fleet Complete’s Carsharing, employees can conveniently create reservations from their smartphone and get notifications about upcoming bookings or changes quickly.

Accessing booking through a mobile app allows for greater flexibility, as they can use it wherever they need it. This helps free up valuable time that could be reinvested in more pressing tasks.

By improving mobility and making transportation seamless for employees, carsharing helps save time and cut inefficient travel costs.

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Build Corporate Reputation for Sustainability

With vehicles contributing greatly to carbon emissions, a greater emphasis has been placed on sustainable mobility. The European Commission even committed itself to promote sustainable mobility options as a critical 2021 initiative.

Corporate carsharing is a simple way for companies to join the sustainable mobility movement with the fleet they already own. By rotating vehicles and deploying them to optimize their use, fleet managers can reduce fuel consumption and overall carbon footprint.

While reducing your carbon footprint is a huge benefit to the environment, it is also beneficial to your company. By fulfilling your corporate responsibility via sustainable vehicle management, you improve the company’s image and reputation. This, then, helps attract better talent and customers – two factors that can help you save on marketing costs and improve your bottom line.

How Fleet Complete Makes Implementing Carsharing Simple

With carsharing having so many benefits, it’s important to implement it into your company efficiently – and Fleet Complete’s Carsharing mobile app offers the tools to do so.

Our Carsharing solution includes:

  • A vehicle booking system
  • Availability notifications & automatic alerts
  • Keyless entry into the vehicle with RFID
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for complete visibility across the organization

Removing the potential for costly human errors, Carsharing’s automation does all the administration work for you and displays which vehicles are available at any given moment.

The in-app booking system will suggest to users the closest available vehicle upon request and pinpoint its location on a web map for easy pickup with their driver ID card, making the process simple and efficient.

With carsharing becoming such a powerful tool in the corporate toolbox worldwide, now is the time to implement it and start reaping the benefits.

Ultimately, carsharing offers a cost-effective, sustainable way to optimize vehicle management, right-size your fleet, improve employee mobility, and cut costs to positively impact your budgets.

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