Community Focus: Denmark’s ‘Wild Forest’ of Music

The five band members of Wild Forest stand in a grass field on a sunny day.

“Something special or unique can happen in any show, where everything comes together perfectly. That’s what’s really magical, and that’s the power of live music” – Rasmus Møller

At the end of the day, we all have something that drives us. Something that makes us feel alive, stirs our emotions, and excites us to our core – a feeling that helps define what we’re passionate about.

With the wide variety of passions among people, we see them take hold in many shapes and forms. For Rasmus Møller – Marketing Specialist for Fleet Complete – it comes in the form of music.

Accompanying his marketing role with Fleet Complete, Rasmus is a guitarist and the lead vocalist for the Danish band called Wild Forest, with whom he spends much of his time creating music and performing it live – even touring internationally and opening at sold-out shows.

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“I really wanted to search for a band or people to play together with”

While not a celebrity just yet, Rasmus is not a novice either.

“I was around 15 when I started playing music. In tenth grade, one of the teachers at my school had started a small class for playing guitar, so I joined that because it sounded fun. From that point on, I played a ton of guitar and practiced a lot,” Rasmus said of his musical beginnings.

It wasn’t long after learning the guitar that Rasmus wanted to enjoy his newfound hobby with other like-minded individuals. And so, the idea for Wild Forest was born.

“Once I started playing in high school, I really wanted to search for a band or people to play together with,” said Rasmus. “In 2013, when I was still in high school, I met our bass player through some friends, and we started jamming a bit. Then I met our drummer, and the three of us started playing together.”

While the original trio hasn’t changed since the band’s origin, the mix of additional members and roles has undergone some shuffling, including Rasmus trying something new.

“We prefer to call it space-folk”

“The crew has changed members a few times, especially the lead singer. At one point, we didn’t have one at all, so it’s a classic move for the guitarist to step in and try to fill that role. I found that pretty exciting and felt that it could work for me – it felt comfortable,” Rasmus explained. “Now, I’d say I’m even more focused on my singing than I am on the guitar.”

With Rasmus fronting the group and the band members sorted out, Wild Forest got to work on creating original music and developing their unique sound. Regarding what genre the group most closely resembles, it’s a question the band doesn’t find easy to answer.

“We want to be exciting and try out different stuff. It’s always hard for us to say we have a genre we follow because we love so many of them,” Rasmus explained. Yet, Wild Forest does their best to describe their music as: “Maybe alternative rock, maybe modern folk, maybe even indie-rock… but among ourselves, we prefer to call it space-folk.”

“Travelling to China was one of the most special things I’ve been able to do”

Experimenting with different sounds and developing their tone, the band began writing and collaborating out of a farmhouse-turned-studio they rented as a central band space. It was there where their first extended play record (EP), ‘Earthbound’, was created in 2016.

Rasmus article picture 3“When we released Earthbound, it got some airplay on our local radio, and we had vinyls created and sent around. It was a great experience, and it culminated with us heading to China to perform that record along with some other songs.”

Heading to another continent to play shows marked a big step for the band and an exciting opportunity. “Travelling to China was one of the most special things I’ve been able to do. To go there and experience a new culture, but also have a job to do in getting to play our songs, it was an amazing experience,” Rasmus recalled.

“There are moments in concerts where everything is just perfect”

Despite being far from home, the band had no problem connecting with their audience during their concerts in China. “The crowd seemed to really enjoy the performances. It was cool to see our songs work in another culture and country,” said Rasmus. “While people and culture can be different depending on where you play, music is still universal.”

While the successful trip to China was a big accomplishment for the band, it wasn’t their only taste of the big leagues. Wild Forest also opened for a popular Australian rock band, Midnight Oil, at a sold-out show in Copenhagen.

Yet, no matter the scale of the show or where it’s being played, one thing remains consistent when it comes to Rasmus and Wild Forest taking the stage – the feeling that comes with performing live.

“There are moments in concerts where everything is just perfect. Whether it’s from getting just the right crowd feedback – or feedback you didn’t expect – something special or unique can happen in any show, where everything comes together perfectly. That’s what’s really magical, and that’s the power of live music.”

The biggest contributor to the magic? The connection Rasmus and the band are able to feel with the crowd. “The chemistry between us on stage and the audience is amazing,” said Rasmus. “We’ve played for both really small and really big crowds, and either way, you’re always trying to make them enjoy the music with you and provoke a feeling in the room. That’s a big focus for our band, getting out there and creating that energy together with others.”

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“I think we’re creating some great stuff at the moment”

With a love for the stage, connecting with audiences, and their desire to reach as many people as possible, the band’s sights are always set on bigger things.

“We’ve always wanted to push our music as far as we can. We’ve been doing it for a long time. We want to reach our potential that we know we have and push our boundaries,” said Rasmus.

As they continue toward their goals, the past year hasn’t been an easy one for the band – or any musicians – due to COVID-19. However, despite the pandemic stalling Wild Forest’s ability to perform, it hasn’t stopped their creativity.

“Of course, with COVID, we haven’t been able to do any gigs for the past year. So instead, we’ve been focused on staying creative – creating new stuff in different ways that we hadn’t necessarily tried before to shake up the process.”

While at times difficult, stirring up their creative process has paid off for Wild Forest, as they anticipate the debut of the new music it’s helped produce.

“I think we’re creating some great stuff at the moment, with 12 new songs that we’re preparing to release soon. This new record really gets to the core of who we are and feels original, which is something I’m excited about. And hopefully, we’ll be able to get back out and play some live gigs soon,” said Rasmus.

“Music allows you to both show yourself to the world, but also close yourself into this music bubble”

With new music on the way, a long-awaited return to live performing on the horizon, and a clear drive for success in the industry, Rasmus and Wild Forest show no signs of slowing down.

But besides the band, the effect and influence music has had on Rasmus as a person can’t be understated. “Music began for me as a place where I could close myself into this world, and that may be because I was a more introverted person – at least I was when I started playing. But music has helped me develop so many more extroverted skills,” Rasmus explained. “It’s amazing that music allows you to both show yourself to the world, but also close yourself into this music bubble, and completely enjoy both.”

And so, what started for Rasmus as messing around with a guitar in high school has brought him to performing in a successful band, travelling cities and continents, and learning about himself and growing as a person along the way – a true testament to how far something you’re passionate about can take you.


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